Office IT equipment running slow?

Is your office IT equipment running slow? Does the keyboard always stick each time you type a specific letter?

This is often attributed to an overload of software on the computer, or the age of the keyboard! Specialist researchers in the cleaning industry have repeatedly reminded us that our keyboards and computers take a high level of ‘abuse’.

In previous posts, we have commented how studies have shown that eating lunch at your desk can affect your keyboard, no doubt the dirt and food contribute to the sticking keys, but their reliability can also decrease rapidly when infused with dust.
It is known that electronic equipment is particularly susceptible to dust, especially those that are primarily stationary. Devices have small output holes, display screens and speaker crevices where dust and other debris can build up. Dust and lint clogs can affect sound and picture quality in the short term and can affect overall functionality, speed of the machine, if particles work their way into the inner parts of the device.

Here at Cleaning Technique we would like to simplify the advice into 3 simple steps for maintaining the function of your office workstation.

Dust clogging a PC

Placement Keep your PC away from direct sunlight, and make sure that it is placed in a well-ventilated area. It is safer to keep your PC off the floor, to minimize foreign matter from entering the computer case.
Power Keep cables neat. Tangled and bunched cables can become a block to effective airflow, so ensure they are organized and not restricting airflow.
Polish You can keep your IT equipment clean, by using a blower brush, or compressed air. Make sure you know where all the ventilation intake and exhaust openings are, ensuring that these are not obstructed by objects, dust, dirt and foreign matter. Accumulated dust and lint can clog heat sinks and fans found inside the personal computer.

At Cleaning Technique as part of our office cleaning schedule we regularly sanitise your telephone handsets and remove microbes from mice. However we have the capability of carrying out IT workstation cleaning, as an optional extra on a periodic basis.
If this is something you’d like to discuss further, please contact us.

Do Paper Towels win ‘Hands Down’?

What wins your vote in the washroom?

When liaising with you as clients, we know many of you use paper towels, but some have electric hand dryers. We wanted to dig a bit deeper into which hand drying method is preferred and more beneficial in the work place.

Having looked at which was better for hand hygiene, we realised that this is and has been a ‘hot debate’ for a number of years. There’s a growing body of research, including studies in the Uk and world wide on this subject since 1989.

Last year the press and the NHS reported on this subject and concluded that paper towels not only dry hands quicker than hand dryers, but they’re also more hygienic.
We’ve previously discussed good hand washing techniques, but biomedical scientists say the effectiveness of this is lost if hands are not dried properly, as wet hands pass on more germs than dry ones.

Paper towels were found to dry hands in 15 seconds, where dryers took 45seconds, researchers highlighted that when using an electric hand dryer, bacteria are blown into the atmosphere and on to the person drying their hands, but hand towels were superior, as they remove bacteria effectively and caused less contamination of the washroom environment. It seems clear that hand towels reduce the risk of cross contamination & dry hands more effectively.

We were careful to note that many of the studies were not carried out or funded by paper towel manufacturers, which reduced the bias.

We also realise that as business operators you maybe concerned about the impact on the environment with usage of paper products, the studies were unclear on how much more this impacted the environment, versus the electricity used by hand dryers.

Here at Cleaning Technique we have a range of power towels from £15.66 (2688)box and recycled hand towels from £14.95 (2400 )box. Please contact us if you would like a free

Maintaining Health with Hand Hygiene

Here at Cleaning Technique, the Directors have 3 young boys, all at school. Having recently added primary schools to our portfolio of regular clients in the West Midlands, we’re hands on at the start of any school cleaning contract. Cleaning door handles every evening, reminded us of the increasing amount of bugs and illnesses like Norovirus, that affect hospitals, schools and work places.  We’ve found that a research study* identified that although teaching and nursery professionals recognise the importance of hand hygiene, there are key obstacles to best practice at  pre-schools and schools, these include time, cost and poor facilities. Teaching hand hygiene early, to form habitual routine, cannot be underestimated. This then would help in reducing the spread of minor illnesses, that contribute to absenteeism.

‘A robust approach to hand hygiene is the single most affective way of managing transmission of avoidable illnesses’

Professor Bloomfield

You may think this problem is just confined to children & schools, but a recent report, has highlighted how important it is to form the habit of hand washing whilst we are young. We may not realise, but over a quarter(27%) of office workers, admit to not washing their hands on every visit to the washroom ( Initial Hygiene’s survey of 6,000 UK office workers). Further findings revealed that nearly 10% of us use our mobiles to tweet/surf the web whilst using washroom facilities. This all has the impact of passing on germs and viruses, just like the children and this increases absence from work. The research suggests that small investments by employers, to ensure the correct facilities are available with hand soap and hand drying equipment can improve hygiene in the office and in turn help businesses to succeed.

If this is an area where you feel Cleaning Technique can help you to improve your facilities please contact us
*Kimberly-Clark Professional

Christmas at Cleaning Technique

Christmas at Cleaning Technique

Well it’s hard to believe this is the final newsletter of the year. We hope that it’s been a successful year for you!
Here at Cleaning Technique, we’ve been busy improving various aspects of our business, whilst implementing changes throughout 2013, we wanted to keep a tradition that we have had since the inception of our business, in giving a Christmas gift to each of our cleaning operatives.

We thought we’d include a snapshot of this last week, with our Director Sean, giving a gift to Tania, who currently looks after the cleaning at a local school for us.

We felt that alongside giving to our staff for their commitment throughout the year, we would offer you all, our clients, a gift of £50 off your next invoice with any referral of Cleaning Technique to another business, who would benefit from our services. There is a facility on our website to complete an on line enquiry form.
We wish you all very happy and peaceful Christmas and look forward to continued business partnership in 2014.

Toxic Toilet Mix

Welcome to the Autumn news, where there’s a tale of warning to be heard!

You may have seen the reports in the media, detailing a Surrey landlord who was cleaning his toilets for opening time. In doing this he unwittingly poured a toilet descaler and bleach into the toilet at the same time, this then reacted and produced chlorine, with a toxic vapour. Fortunately for him, the fire services were quick in their response and although he suffered inhalation, chest pains and irritation to his eyes, there will be no long term damage.

Roger Bibbings, occupational safety adviser at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: “It is important to read materials’ hazard data sheets and the labels on cleaning products.
Many cleaning substances are hazardous and if handled incorrectly, they can cause irritation, inflammation or chemical burns. Mixing chemical products together is extremely dangerous and can produce toxic vapours such as chlorine.”

We at Cleaning Technique would like to reassure that our COSHH policy is rigorously adhered to and that our operatives are trained at the beginning of their employment on safe usage of chemicals, they may use in your work place.

If your concern is the effect on the environment of some of these chemicals used by cleaning companies, then please be assured wherever possible we use environmentally friendly products and recycle containers.

When we began our partnership with your company, you will have received a copy of our environment and health & safety policies, if this has been misplaced please email us on to provide you with a current copy, or see, where you will find the relevant policies displayed.

If you are interested in viewing the lastest Ecoforce products, we stock, or discussing a deep clean of areas not currently included on our cleaning schedule,
contact us.

Until next time,
Cleaning Technique

Cleaning Technique’s Offer for August

How high would you like us to go?

Reaching new heights in August!

The summer temperature has reached an all time high and now Cleaning Technique can help reach the places that you may have forgotten, but can be easily reached whilst the sun is shining. Before the storms and normal British weather resumes, why not take advantage of our special offer of 10% off Gutter Cleaning, this summer?
Have you ever considered the implications of blocked guttering? The main purpose of the guttering on the outside of your workplace, is to direct the rainfall from the building, protecting the outside brickwork, together with the foundations. If the gutters are cleared, this can avoid costly repairs and roof damage. In fact, as recently as last Autumn, we spent a large amount of time, cleaning flood damaged properties, some directly due to guttering being insufficiently clear, for the purpose of draining rain water.
Our Omnipole Guttervac system is a ladderless telescopic vaccum. It has a reach of 15metres, with the operative being safely on the ground, therefore meeting all health and safety requirements. It is designed to completely remove any debris fron the gutter, allowing rainwater to freely drain away.

All you need to do is contact us and ask our team to meet with you and prepare a free no obligation quote and you will recieve the 10% special discount.

If you would like an additional window cleaning quote at the same time, then combine the two and ensure your windows sparkle in the sun!

The Cleaning Technique Team

5 Reasons to Reach & Wash

5 Reasons to Reach & Wash

Reach & Wash System
You may have seen an increasing number of window cleaners using a pole system for cleaning windows, this is the reach and wash system. The principle of the reach and wash system of window cleaning is based on the use of cleaning with pure water without chemicals or cleaning agents.  But is it really beneficial for your workplace?   At Cleaning Technique we would like to suggest there are several benefits to using this system.
Superior window cleaning results

The Reach and Wash system uses a pole through which pure water is fed to a brush at the end. The brush is then moved across the window allowing the pure water to absorb impurities and lift the dirt. The window is then rinsed to leave a streak free sterile surface. Not only does the reach and wash system leave the window clean, it also cleans the frame.

Eco-friendly. The Reach and Wash system does not use any detergents. It only uses purified deionised water. It is completely eco-friendly.

Window glass stays cleaner for longer. The water goes through a special filter and because it is deionised it has no static charge. Left for a short time the water runs away and leaves windows streak free. The detergents used in traditional window cleaning actually attract dirt so with Reach and Wash your windows will stay cleaner for longer.

Satisfies Health and Safety Working at Height regulations. Windows are often in difficult to reach positions, which is hazardous to operatives using the traditional ladder system. Reach and Wash is carried out at ground level with telescopic fibreglass poles, with scope to reach heights up to 21metres.

Reduced risk of damage to client’s property.Using Reach and Wash avoids disturbance of borders and landscaping. Guttering is no longer at risk of damage by ladders.  This also enables conservatory roofs and atriums to be safely cleaned.

So if you think that Reach and Wash System is something you company would consider, rather than a traditional clean with a ladder and bucket contact us  or email us on  we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Microbes on your mouse?

Microbes on your mouse?

Recently research studies have identified that there are more germs (bacteria/microbes), on your computer or office equipment, than on a toilet seat! Current studies say there are 5 times more germs on your keyboard than on a toilet seat and over 2000 microbes on your mouse! This is mostly due to office workers rarely cleaning or even wiping their keyboard/mouse. Alongside this many office workers eat their lunch at their desks. The resulting debris is an ideal food source for bacteria to thrive. Environmental Health at Salford University found that out of 300 keyboards, numerous ones had bacteria present such as staphylococcus, this is common bacteria, but can cause skin and more invasive infections. This reflects how dirty office computer equipment can be and is a timely reminder, as The Health Protection Agency  announce that the incidence of the winter vomiting bug, Norovirus, is higher than at this time last year.*

To combat the spread of these infections, 3 simple steps can be taken by you and your employees:

• Wash Hands – Researchers found that over half of men and over a quarter of women fail to wash their hand after using the toilet! If hands are washed thoroughly after eating and visiting the toilet, this will help minimise the spread of bacteria.

• Limit sharing of equipment This can be as effortless as always using your own pen, as no doubt we all see colleagues or ourselves chewing the end of a pen! Depending on the layout of your office building or type of work station, endeavour to only use your own mouse and keyboard.

• Office Cleaning Advice The company that provides your daily office cleaning services should be able to advise and provide the latest available products to ensure the optimum level of sanitation of your workstation. If you ask them, they could also carry out periodic specialised IT cleaning.

So make sure your office environment is as clean as possible, by putting in place policies your team are aware of and if we can help with office cleaning or a more thorough clean of your IT equipment, we would be happy to discuss this with you. Please contact us  or email us


* HPA. December 2012.HPA update on seasonal Norovirus activity.

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