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Office IT equipment running slow?

Is your office IT equipment running slow? Does the keyboard always stick each time you type a specific letter? This is often attributed to an overload of software on the computer, or the age of the keyboard! Specialist researchers in … Continue reading

Do Paper Towels win ‘Hands Down’?

What wins your vote in the washroom? When liaising with you as clients, we know many of you use paper towels, but some have electric hand dryers. We wanted to dig a bit deeper into which hand drying method is … Continue reading

Maintaining Health with Hand Hygiene

Here at Cleaning Technique, the Directors have 3 young boys, all at school. Having recently added primary schools to our portfolio of regular clients in the West Midlands, we’re hands on at the start of any school cleaning contract. Cleaning door handles … Continue reading

Christmas at Cleaning Technique

Christmas at Cleaning Technique Well it’s hard to believe this is the final newsletter of the year. We hope that it’s been a successful year for you! Here at Cleaning Technique, we’ve been busy improving various aspects of our business, … Continue reading

Toxic Toilet Mix

Welcome to the Autumn news, where there’s a tale of warning to be heard! You may have seen the reports in the media, detailing a Surrey landlord who was cleaning his toilets for opening time. In doing this he unwittingly … Continue reading

Cleaning Technique’s Offer for August

How high would you like us to go? Reaching new heights in August! The summer temperature has reached an all time high and now Cleaning Technique can help reach the places that you may have forgotten, but can be easily … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Reach & Wash

5 Reasons to Reach & Wash You may have seen an increasing number of window cleaners using a pole system for cleaning windows, this is the reach and wash system. The principle of the reach and wash system of window … Continue reading

Microbes on your mouse?

Microbes on your mouse? Recently research studies have identified that there are more germs (bacteria/microbes), on your computer or office equipment, than on a toilet seat! Current studies say there are 5 times more germs on your keyboard than on … Continue reading

Brand New Website

Over the coming weeks we will be updating our website to give you an improved view of our company and services. Please utilise the links for Facebook, twitter and Linkedin