5 Reasons to Reach & Wash

5 Reasons to Reach & Wash

Reach & Wash System

You may have seen an increasing number of window cleaners using a pole system for cleaning windows, this is the reach and wash system. The principle of the reach and wash system of window cleaning is based on the use of cleaning with pure water without chemicals or cleaning agents.  But is it really beneficial for your workplace?   At Cleaning Technique we would like to suggest there are several benefits to using this system.
Superior window cleaning results

The Reach and Wash system uses a pole through which pure water is fed to a brush at the end. The brush is then moved across the window allowing the pure water to absorb impurities and lift the dirt. The window is then rinsed to leave a streak free sterile surface. Not only does the reach and wash system leave the window clean, it also cleans the frame.

Eco-friendly. The Reach and Wash system does not use any detergents. It only uses purified deionised water. It is completely eco-friendly.

Window glass stays cleaner for longer. The water goes through a special filter and because it is deionised it has no static charge. Left for a short time the water runs away and leaves windows streak free. The detergents used in traditional window cleaning actually attract dirt so with Reach and Wash your windows will stay cleaner for longer.


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Satisfies Health and Safety Working at Height regulations. Windows are often in difficult to reach positions, which is hazardous to operatives using the traditional ladder system. Reach and Wash is carried out at ground level with telescopic fibreglass poles, with scope to reach heights up to 21metres.

Reduced risk of damage to client’s property.Using Reach and Wash avoids disturbance of borders and landscaping. Guttering is no longer at risk of damage by ladders.  This also enables conservatory roofs and atriums to be safely cleaned.

So if you think that Reach and Wash System is something you company would consider, rather than a traditional clean with a ladder and bucket contact us  or email us on service@cleaningtechnique.co.uk  we would be happy to discuss your requirements.