Creating an Organised Cleaning Cupboard

In a demanding business environment, it’s helpful to have a designated areas for your cleaning materials and equipment, giving quick and easy access to everything needed for keeping your  environment clean, also enabling missing equipment to be found or replaced immediately when an empty space is identified. This will help to maintain a high standard of hygiene throughout your building, alongside reducing any health and safety issues.

At Cleaning Technique Ltd we always commence a new contract with a deep clean for clients and the first task is to ensure that the cleaning cupboard is clean, free of unnecessary clutter and well organised to ensure everything is easily accessible . From colour coded cloths and mops, for different types of work surfaces and floors, to stocks of bin liners and replacement vacuum bags.

We use any wall space to clearly display colour coding policies, cleaning checklists and schedules.  This helps to keep cleaning operatives up-to-date with cleaning policies and company good practice. A locked secure cupboard ensures that all materials are kept safely, ready for use and comply with COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations.

Our operatives are issued with 10 golden rules for their cleaning cupboards, to ensure they reflect and maintain Cleaning Technique’s standards. Research studies including the 2012 study ‘The Price of Disorganization in the Workplace’, identify the reduction in productivity if workplace settings are in a state if disarray, as time is spent searching for items needed to complete the smallest of tasks.

We pride ourselves on reliability and efficiency, the seemingly small detail of keeping a cleaning cupboard well organised, enables us to give the best level of cleaning service and time management to our clients.

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