Dreaming of a Cleaner Christmas?

Many articles or blogs we read focus on the clear up after Christmas, we love cleaning, but also love to share with how to minimise the mess, rather than the mammoth clear up.

Most of us love a real Christmas tree, the iconic symbol of the festive season, covered in twinkly lights, tinsel and baubles and giving off a woodland scent. However we’re less enthusiastic two weeks in, with the carpet of green needles spreading throughout our office or home. Even though we provide a cleaning service, we loathe finding pine needles months later in our home.

We’ve learnt these top tips over the years and thought we’d share them, to spread the knowledge not the needles!

#1 Purchase well

Buy the right tree, one known for needle retention, the grower or seller should advise which are the best, just ask!

#2 Prepare the tree

We know it’s not like the turkey, but to ensure it stays at its best ask the seller to trim the stump, this helps it to soak up water, once it’s at your work or home put it into a container of water to rehydrate outside.

#3 Clear an ideal space

Thoroughly clean the room the tree is going in, especially around where the tree will be placed, this reduces the need to get behind or move it for the next few weeks, to vacuum &dust. Choose a to position your tree away from radiators, fires or sunny window spots, as these will all contribute to your tree drying out. Using LED lights will also help, as they don’t give off heat.

#4 Dress the tree

This isn’t putting decorations on, we actually mean dress it with a skirt! Yes there is such a thing! Once the tree has been placed securely in a sturdy stand that holds water, wrap a tree skirt or apron around the tree, this not only hides the pot, but collects any needles that fall and can be easily shaken out into the bin or garden. We’ve found it’s good idea to put an old a sheet or bin liner under the stand to prevent sap dropping on you carpet. 

#5 Feed the tree

Freshly cut trees apparently have the capacity to take up to 2pints of water a day, plus sugar. So water regularly to keep fresh and pop a couple of spoons of sugar in the water, this keeps it hydrated  and fed, much like cut flowers in a vase.

#6 The January clean up

Once you’re ready to take down your decorations, carefully remove all the decorations from the tree, then wrap a sheet around it and carry outside, minimising the needle drop. Brushing any remaining needles may work better than the vacuum and we recently learnt that stubborn needles, stuck to carpet fibres can be removed with highly adhesive tape, such as duct tape. Then please recycle. Councils often have free of charge drop locations. Even better, hospices in Birmingham and Worcester offer a collection day from your premises, for a donation to their sterling work with terminally ill people.

If you feel your office would benefit from a deep clean or carpet clean then please contact us for a free quotation on  0800 056 6670 or www.cleaningtechnique.co.uk/contact/