Ways To Make Your Office Cleaner Feel Valued

Sheridan Smith usually draws attention for her acting skills, but many reviews have been mixed about her recent role as a cleaner in the ITV drama ‘Cleaning Up’.  However we think most striking of all were her remarks, during an interview, that cleaners she met at Canary Wharf were the ‘invisible workforce’, unnoticed by staff at the offices where they clean.

Recent data suggests more than 700,000 people are employed in the Cleaning Industry. Cleaning Operatives provide a vital service to ensure business premises are kept clean and hygienic, often working unsociable hours to ensure minimal disruption.

If you employ cleaning staff at your premises, we suggest 3 simple ways of making them feel appreciated and part of your team.


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#1 Acknowledge Your Cleaner Even on the busy days a smile or good morning welcomes them. A simple Thank You goes a long way, if you notice the good job they’re doing, say so, they’re more likely to continue the good standard.

#2  Adequately Equip Your Cleaner  Providing appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment), safe electrical equipment and a well-stocked cleaning cupboard of supplies, will ensure your cleaner will  be prepared and equipped to carry out their work efficiently and effectively.

#3  Act responsibly Towards Your Cleaner  By adhering to employment legislation and providing a contract of employment, paying the living wage and providing holiday entitlement, your cleaner will feel a valued member of your team. 

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