Has Your Business Got A Handle On Hygiene

In this age of Twitter trends and Google reviews, there is an increasing media spotlight on hygiene & sanitation facilities, November marked World Toilet Day and just last month was Menstrual Hygiene Day, these campaigns aim to raise awareness about poor sanitation, or those struggling to afford feminine hygiene products. You might believe that this is only required in developing countries, but even in the UK ‘period poverty’ and access to facilities is an issue, leading to the Government announcing plans to make free sanitary products available in all secondary schools.

It’s important that your business has the facilities and procedures for discarding sanitary waste in a sensitive, safe and environmentally friendly manner. This will keep your washroom facilities clean, prevent bacteria spreading and ensure that you’re complying with UK regulations.


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In order to take practical steps to encourage businesses and public washrooms to provide safe sanitary waste disposal, the stigma attached to menstruation, incontinence or non -visible illnesses, that require these facilities, needs to be broken.

The UK alone generates 200,000 tonnes of waste from tampons and various pads each year, many of these contain plastic and if it’s seen as a taboo or the facilities are inadequate, then these sanitary products are more likely to be flushed down the toilet. This then has huge environmental impact, but can also cost your business in drain clearing and a knock on effect of out of order toilets and pervading odours until the drains are fixed.

As a business owner we know you are often busy with many different responsibilities each day, but do your washroom facilities reflect the high standards of other aspects of your business? Good facilities, with sanitary bins, shows both your staff and customers that you’re attentive and sensitive to their needs and wellbeing by providing a hygienic washroom.

As a business employing people, you are by law required to provide means of sanitary disposal, the Workplace (Health & Safety) Regulations 1992, The Water Industries Act 1991 and The Environment Protection Act 1990 all state your company should comply to safe sanitary waste disposal regulations.

The most efficient way of ensuring you provide adequate washroom sanitary disposal is to have a sanitary bin service.

We provide a sanitary waste disposal service, this includes sanitary bins, regular scheduled visits to your business premises, removal of sanitary waste and a full waste transfer certificate which validates your compliance with UK waste legislation.

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