Celebrating 35 years in the Cleaning Industry

November marked 35 years of Cleaning Technique! As I look back on the 35 years of our cleaning industry business, I am so proud of the growth we have experienced in such a competitive industry. We have always keeping our core values of reliability, honesty and quality in the services we provide, and I believe that this tenant has ensured our longevity.

From humble beginnings

As a teen, in 1985, I never imagined I’d be the Company Director of Cleaning Technique Ltd. At the time, my mum saw a need in the cleaning sector for hard working cleaning operatives with an attention to detail to work within business premises. She soon found herself managing a small team, who had a skilful cleaning method and after a quick dictionary search for related terms, the name “Cleaning Technique” was given to her established business.

sean and rose
Sean, our Company Director, and his mum, Rose, Cleaning Technique’s founder.


The company went from strength to strength in those early years; as a teen and young adult I was accustomed to cleaning anything from public toilet facilities in the market towns of Gloucestershire, to deep cleaning floors in Kwik Saves across the Midlands region (anyone remember those?).

In 1997, my mum’s business partner wanted to pursue other work, so I returned from London, where I had been working in the field of architectural model making, to my hometown of Worcester and continued my role with the business. We were proud to be a family-run company and the family team was strengthened when Jon, my uncle, joined as office manager later on that same year.

A continually growing cleaning business in Worcestershire

Initially a home-based business, we moved to an industrial unit in Droitwich and then finally purchased our own premises in the lovely Canalside business park in Bromsgrove in 2002.

My wife, Izzy, had already taken on an administration role dealing mainly with employee records and information when my mum retired in 2008 and I stepped up to the role of Company Director. I will be forever grateful that my mum laid a stable foundation for the business through determination and hard work, delivering a bespoke and tailored cleaning service and providing local people with local job opportunities.

Tips for business start-ups

I have learned a lot of things over the last 23 years working in my family’s business. But, I think if I had to pick my top five things I’d advise for a small business owner starting out they would be:

  1. Build and maintain trust, both with your clients and the staff you employ.
  2. Work with your team, not just above your team. Yes, a large team needs skilful management, but be willing to get your hands dirty alongside them.
  3. Share your business values with them, but importantly model them to them as well.
  4. Encouragement and appreciation of your team goes a long way.
  5. Never give up.

The biggest lesson!

Overall, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is, never give up. I say this during 2020, when a pandemic has decimated our economy, wrecked many a career and tragically destroyed many people’s lives. I know how tough hard times can be when running a family business. There will be exceedingly tough seasons. But, when they happen remind yourself of the many positives, however small, you have experienced along the way. Remember the people around you who have supported you and how much your family want you to succeed.

Here’s to the next 35 years and to the next set of lessons learned. I hope that all our team, clients and their families will have a great 2021!