Everyone’s talking about cleaning

talking cleaning imageToday marks 12 months since the UK entered its first national lockdown and we were all ordered to “stay at home”. It is a sobering thought, particularly when thinking about the number of lives that have been lost due to the coronavirus. People have experienced very different circumstances whilst working from home or on furlough. Many have had increased caring roles or had to assisting with home learning. Many would have gone through illness and sadly, the loss of loved ones. It’s right that lots of people will today be honouring those lost and bereaved through a National Day of Reflection .national day of reflection logo

Keeping clean, will keep us safe

Every industry has been affected by Covid-19, to a greater or lesser degree, and non-such as the cleaning industry itself. Our industry is vital to supporting the roadmap out of restrictions. At the moment, it feels like everyone is talking about cleaning.

Cleaning companies like ours, that have historically prioritised health and safety, have adapted and been proactive in adjusting their policies and procedures throughout the pandemic. This is despite the difficulties and demands that Covid-19 presented. Our cleaning work force is more highly skilled than ever after this year. Not only have they had to adapt to PPE, different disinfectants and social distancing restrictions in the workplace. But they have had to learn a whole new way of cleaning in order to adhere to strict BS EN legislation. Our staff have never had to discuss the intricacies of cleaning methods so much.

Ministers are talking about cleaning

detail of touchpoint cleaning
Cleaning touchpoints with antiviral disinfectant as part of a Covid-19 deep clean.

The cleaning industry has been thrust into the limelight during the pandemic and recognition of the importance of the cleaning and hygiene sector has culminated in the inauguration of an all-party group in Parliament last month. This group will ensure support for the sector is recognised and policy makers are better informed. There is a growing awareness of the benefits of scheduling a regular deep clean within the workplace, to tackle non routine and high-level cleaning.

Managers are talking about cleaning

As we head towards the easement of restrictions, I think it is clear to all in society that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and live. The virus hasn’t disappeared, and employers need to engage with change, seeking to safeguard the health and well-being of employees, clients and visitors in any sector.

Business groups have spoken about the need to adapt to new ways of working, hygiene has become a focal point and we believe cleaning is an important part of this adaptation in business.

As we see businesses reopen, some of the measures that are put into place to keep people safe are going to require cleaning regimes that are strictly adhered to. Even if there is greater flexibility with working hours or staff rotation schedules, rigorous cleaning will still be required.  Covid-19 has highlighted the need to prioritise the cleaning of business premises and the crucial role that the cleaner plays within an organisation to maintain a clean and hygienic work environment.

Employees are talking about cleaning

A year of unnatural social restrictions has affected everyone, physically, emotionally and mentally. Employees will need to feel safe to return to the workplace and the visible presence of a cleaning service will give additional reassurance to them. It’s going to take some adjustment to transition out of our new habits.

The public are talking about cleaning

As cleaning and hygiene has been talked about in the media, so the general public have become aware of our industry and its importance. Clients increasingly want to see evidence of cleaning schedules being produced, followed and recorded. A more flexible and responsive cleaning service is required to meet these demands and reassure customers.

Keep clean, keep safe

I believe the impact of Covid-19 has elevated the value of businesses securing the services of a cleaning company that can be trusted to provide a quality cleaning service. If you would like a discussion about your cleaning requirements, please contact us for a free consultation. We aim to give a high quality, reliable and honest service.