How to clean your bathroom for your garden gathering.

As we get to the next stage of the Government’s easing of Covid-19 lockdown there seems a general air of hope and confidence that we can begin to meet others. As a commercial cleaning company, we have prioritised helping premises run safely throughout the three national lockdowns and are now starting to enable businesses beginning to reopen their premises.

We are delighted for our friends in the hospitality sector, as this week pubs and cafes are able to open their gardens and outdoor spaces. Householders have been similarly sorting their gardens to welcome friends or family. This opening up will hopefully be the last, but I think we need to give it our best effort, ensuring the spaces we use are hygienic and safe for shared use.

Covid safe bathroom cleaning

As part of the easing, the Government have said that guests are able to use washroom facilities indoors for a comfort break. Even in non-pandemic times, the hospitality industry generally have cleaning checklists to ensure staff do hourly inspections to keep washroom facilities hygienic (you often see these on the washroom facilities door). But, if you’re going to be welcoming guests into your garden, you may want to think about how you can replicate some of these good practises in order to help keep you and your guests safe.

So, here are my top 5 tips for keeping your toilet facilities clean and safe, so that we can all enjoy time with our friends, especially those that may be feeling anxious or vulnerable.

1.      Do a deep clean, from the top down.

man cleaning bathroom sink
Clean touch points in your bathroom with antiviral disinfectant. Clean from the top, down.

Before you start meeting regularly in your garden, give your bathroom a thorough deep clean. I have three teenage boys and our main family bathroom gets used well, things you may not think about get splattered with mud or soap suds, like the bath panels, the pipes behind the toilet. Start from the top and work down. This stops disturbed dirt from falling on to areas that you have already cleaned.  The last item to clean is your toilet. We are fortunate to have a small downstairs toilet and utility area, but we approach both conveniences in the same manner when cleaning.

2.      Dedicate one bathroom for garden guests.

If you have more than one bathroom or toilet, it is a good idea to keep one just for garden guests whilst they are visiting. Tell the family, especially your own sometimes forgetful children, to use another one.

Before the guests arrive just clean around contact surfaces. Contact surfaces are all the points that people tend to touch in the bathroom. So, the taps, toilet flush and lid, not forgetting the door handle either side of the bathroom door. I use an antiviral disinfectant spray; these are widely available from supermarkets. Remember, antibacterial sprays don’t kill Covid-19.


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3.      Use recyclable paper towels.

paper towels and antiviral disinfectant on a window ledge
Paper towels are a more Covid secure way for visitors to dry their hands.

At our home, I have been using recyclable paper towels in our downstairs toilet. This means no-on-one has to share a towel. Whilst this is not possible for everyone, it has been positively commented on by our visitors.

If you are using a hand towel, then place a freshly laundered one before your guests arrive and keep for their use, then launder it on a 60-degree wash after they leave. This will kill viruses and bacteria.

4.      Put hand sanitiser in convenient places.

Have a moisturising hand soap available for your guests and you may choose to place a hand sanitiser in the bathroom, or in a convenient place like your garden coffee table to give added assurance to more anxious friends.

5.      Clean contact surfaces afterwards.

Once your friends or family have left, repeat the clean of the contact surfaces, sink and toilet, remove the hand towel. I like to give the bathroom a good clean once a week, then it just needs a quick freshen and disinfect of contact surfaces, each time guests visit.

We want to be able to see our friends and family again, creating happy memories and keeping all of us safe and well, I believe these simple steps minimise the risk and any concerns others may have. We really hope that you enjoy some wonderful memories with friends and family this Springtime. If you are interested in finding out how we can help your business prepare for reopening after this Lockdown, please contact us for more information.