How do we make sure your property is always cleaned well? | Our quality control process

Many of our client’s testimonies include a story about their previous cleaning contractor. Often it is not an encouraging tale! Incomplete, inconsistent, or lackluster work has forced the company to look elsewhere for business. Obviously, we are thrilled that our clients have then found a home with us! But, on a professional level, I am troubled and am of the opinion that, if companies had a better quality control process in place, these mistakes are wholly avoidable.

Responsive and relational

At Cleaning Technique, we aim to ensure that this is never the case by maintaining a quality control procedure that works to support our clients and cleaning operatives. Our mission is to build a positive working relationship with all our clients, responding quickly if there are any concerns.

Our procedure is built around our supportive working ethos. We aim to build relationships with our cleaning colleagues that help them feel that we are walking alongside them. It’s easier to achieve a better outcome if the cleaning colleague feels that we are equipping them with the skills needed to achieve better results.

There are also practical steps that we take to ensure that our clients receive an excellent commercial cleaning service. Here are the main steps of our quality control process.


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1.      We pass praise on

We are committed to passing any positive feedback to our team. Sadly, there are some areas of our society where people are quick to criticise, so we always go the extra mile to ensure our team knows when our clients are delighted at their work. It’s fantastic that so many of our clients are complimentary about what we do.

2.      We conduct regular visits

Our senior team aims to visit every site every two months to conduct our quality control monitoring. With some sites, we aim to visit quarterly and do a detailed tour around the site.

Our mobile operatives, such as our washroom supplies delivery drivers, visit a number of sites every week and are able to report back to our central team if they see anything amiss.

3.      We write detailed audits

At every monitoring visit, we audit our cleaning operative’s work, ensuring they maintain the schedule and routine that was agreed upon during our initial discovery visit.

4.      We train alongside our operatives

We aim to have a hands-on approach to our training process. On the rare occasion that it is needed, rather than give our team a large list of improvements and leave them to get on with it, we aim to spend time working with our operatives.

The best commercial cleaning service

We always aim to give the best commercial cleaning service that we can. If you are interested in our high-quality routine cleaning contracts, or any of our other cleaning services, then please contact us for a free consultation. Our team is looking forward to helping you.