That’s Showbiz! Discretion, consistency, and TV studio cleaning

Who else used to love getting the Christmas edition of the Radio Times and looking for their favourite Christmas movies? Or is that just me showing my age? As we sit this Christmas and watch our favourite shows, I have renewed respect for production companies and their team and crew members. This year we have had a first-hand opportunity to provide our TV studio cleaning service to a production company and to see how much it takes to get popular series filmed and to our screens.

I admit to being a little star-struck too. Holding doors open for famous celebrities, such as Danny Dyer, is not often part of my daily work as a director of a Midlands-based commercial cleaning company!

Despite the tinsel on the tree and festive lights, you will see on this year’s Celebrity versus The Wall, featuring Danny Dyer’s fellow EastEnders cast members, filming took place in the blistering heat of July 2021 at Europe’s largest purpose-built rehearsal studio, Fly by Nite, in Redditch, Worcestershire.

Despite the seasonal dissonance, it was an energetic, fascinating project to be involved in.

A confidential cleaning service

When we were approached by the London-based production label Remarkable TV, for a Covid cleaning service for the month-long filming of The Wall, we felt confident and able to reassure the production coordinator that our values of reliability, honesty and quality would mean we provided a discreet cleaning service.

As a company, we have expertise in providing cleaning services to companies where sound judgement and confidentiality are demanded from our operatives. Our operatives may be around sensitive documents and must ensure they remain untouched whilst ensuring office spaces are thoroughly cleaned. We always fully vet our staff and ensure confidentially agreements are signed for some sectors that we work in.


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A flexible cleaning service

Our past experience providing TV studio cleaning for their parent company Endemol Shine meant we already had experience working around cast and crew members during filming and an understanding of the flexibility you need to ensure filming stays on schedule.

Our cleaning service for the production company this year needed us to provide evident cleaning, whilst remaining inconspicuous during the thirteen hours of filming each day. We had to continually clean touchpoints and high-traffic shared spaces to keep the series schedule on track, despite the restrictions of the Covid Pandemic.

A consistent TV studio cleaning service

Our team of operatives worked in shifts to seamlessly provide continuity of service for the production team and I was proud of how they upheld our company values, discreetly working around many people in a busy and pressured environment. They have also kept details of the show to themselves, both during filming and over the past five months! Well done team!

If you are interested in a cleaning service that is discrete, consistent, and flexible, speak to us today. We will be delighted to take your call.