Cleaning for a Commercial Property Consultant

Who is GJS Dillon?

GJS Dillon is a Worcestershire based commercial property consultant and chartered surveyor specialising in sales, letting and acquisition of commercial property. We have provided cleaning services for GJS Dillon for 9 years and witnessed their business go from strength to strength during this time.We provide a site specific cleaning schedule, regular quality checks and a consultation meeting with our senior team

What problems did our clients have?

1.      Varied and complicated property layouts

When GJS Dillon acquire a property, they need a cleaning company to clean the building. Depending on the layout of the building and the state the previous owners left the building in, this can be a complicated process. Depending on what state of the letting process GJS Dillon are at, they can require us to deep clean multiple times.

2.      Frequently used shared common areas

Once the property is let, GJS Dillon also requires our contract cleaning services to provide routine cleaning of common areas.

How did we solve their problems?

1.      Our senior management always visit every property

The first property is a character city centre office building. The first stage of our process is to visit the site and make detailed notes of everything that is required. We always send a member of our experienced senior management to ensure our observations are accurate and informed. Sean, our Managing Director, visited the premises, making notes of all the historical features, common areas and touchpoints that would need cleaning. A quote was submitted and accepted.

The site comprises office suites over three floors, which are let to individual companies.  The accommodation also has several washroom facilities and a kitchen.

The second is a very different office building. This is a modern office, near the motorway network on a small managed business estate overlooking the Worcestershire countryside. The office building is set over two floors and has a kitchen and several washrooms.

Once again, Sean performed the initial visit, observing and cataloguing all the cleaning requirements of the site in order to draw up a detailed cleaning schedule.

2.      An initial deep clean

Initially, we placed operatives on-site to provide a deep clean; this involves thoroughly cleaning all surfaces, including floors and stairs, doors, architraves and skirtings, to bring the properties up to a high level of cleanliness.

3.      A local, dedicated cleaning operative

Once the office suites are occupied the common areas become our sole remit unless the individual clients request our services for the office suites they occupy. Our operative will go in weekly and clean the staircases, walkways, kitchen and washrooms, enabling the resident office tenants to focus on their businesses.

At the second site, in Worcestershire, our operative also provides routine cleaning for the tenant occupying the top floor.

4.      A site-specific schedule of cleaning

Our operative was inducted to this building, with a site-specific schedule of areas to be cleaned, as an existing employee in the city centre, she is fully trained and aware of our high standards. All cleaning products are provided and used in accordance with COSSH and colour coding guidance.

5.      A rigorous quality control procedure.

We have a rigorous quality control procedure in place that ensures our teams perform to the highest possible standard. Partially, this is down to the detailed cleaning schedule that our senior team create for our cleaning operatives following their initial observation of the premises. But we also perform regular quality control checks on our staff.

What do our client’s think?

With managing a portfolio of business properties, our client needs reassurance that the properties they ask Cleaning Technique to clean are cleaned to the highest standard. This ensures that when their staff and visitors enter the property, a clean and bright welcome awaits them.

It’s a testament to our close working relationship, excellent quality service and rigorous quality control procedures that we have been working with GJS Dillon for over five years.

If you are interested in our commercial cleaning services, contact us now for a free consultation.