Clubhouse Carpet Cleaning

Ombersley Golf Club has been a client of Cleaning Technique for over 15 years. We provide a daily cleaning service to this remote golf club set in beautiful Worcestershire countryside. Our relationship with the golf club is so strong, our cleaning operative is seen as one of their team. The managing director, Rob Dowty, has full confidence that, when he requests an additional service, we do our very best to provide it within a short timescale.

The client’s brief

In late February 2021, the Prime Minister announced key dates for easing the National Lockdown. Rob and his team have had a very difficult 12 months, with restrictions forcing the closure of the club several times. Going forward, they want to continue to ensure their facilities are hygienic; they want to keep their members and visitors safe. Looking forward to welcoming their guests back in the next month, Rob contacted us to clean all the carpeted areas and their upholstered chairs.

How Cleaning Technique helped

Having partnered with Ombersley for this length of time, we have previously undertaken periodic deep cleaning, hard floor cleaning and carpet and upholstery cleaning. As such, the carpet cleaning team have good knowledge of the site. Within a day of the quote being accepted, the team were on site to carry out the carpet and upholstery cleaning.

carpet cleaning machine in the golf club restaurant area
The carpet cleaning team enjoyed beautiful views looking out of Ombersley Golf Club’s restaurant.

The cleaning took place over two days and included four restaurant, lounge and bar areas, changing rooms, corridors and a staircase, along with several upholstered dining chairs.

Normally, carpet cleaning is carried out in the late evening or at night, to reduce the disruption to our clients’ businesses. However, due to the club’s closure during the coronavirus pandemic, it is the first time the team have worked at the club house during the day. They had incredible views of the Malvern and Clee Hills; an amazingly pleasant work experience for our team.

Carpet cleaning for high traffic areas

carpet cleaner hose extracting water from the carpet
The hot water and carpet cleaning solution is extracted from the carpet piles using the hose.

The method we use for our carpet cleaning service is hot water extraction method, we believe that this is the best method for cleaning high traffic carpeted areas they have at Ombersley Golf Clubhouse.

How to clean a carpet in high traffic areas

  1. The area to be cleaned was first vacuumed to remove visible debris and dust.
  2. Stubborn stains are individually cleaned by hand, then treated with carpet cleaning solution.
  3. This is then followed by a thorough cleaning with hot water.
  4. The water is then extracted, lifting any unseen debris and dirt.
  5. The same method is used for upholstery, but with a specific upholstery tool.

The client’s experience

carpet cleaner hose head extracting water from an upholstered chair's seat
The team used the same hot water extraction techniques to clean the upholstery.

Due to the forced national closure, Rob was able to watch our team’s progress this year. He was delighted to know that his golf clubhouse is now ready and waiting for players to reuse as restrictions ease.

 “I have used Cleaning Technique for many years to clean the carpets in our busy golf clubhouse which experiences a lot of daily traffic, often with dirty shoes if players have come in off the course during adverse weather. The Cleaning Technique team are always prompt, efficient and very obliging which is why I always ask them to do our cleaning without hesitation” – Rob Dowty