Private Medical Facility Cleaning

Given the long lead times for appointments within the NHS and patient concern about hospital stays over the last two years, many people with musculoskeletal issues are turning to private clinics to have initial investigations, diagnoses, and treatment. Private health clinics want to ensure their service provision is in a clean and hygienic environment to reassure all clients that visit. They often turn to professional cleaning companies to deliver outstanding private medical facility cleaning.

Droitwich Knee Clinic

Droitwich Knee Clinic at the Bromsgrove Private Clinic is a Bromsgrove-based private clinic offering a range of private medical consultations, scans, and therapies. this includes access to x-rays, MRI, and ultrasound scans. They are regulated by the CQC which adheres to regulation 15 of the Health & Social Care Act 2008 regulations 2014, which requires any premises where care and treatment are delivered to be ‘clean, safe and suitable for use’. 

The Problem

In a busy clinical environment, there is a need to ensure that treatment rooms and waiting areas are thoroughly cleaned. Bromsgrove Private Clinic wished all their treatment to be delivered in a safe and clean environment and needed to enlist medical facility cleaning services from an outside company to achieve this.

Our Solution

Cleaning Technique has a portfolio of experience in meeting CQC standards in healthcare settings. This social proof enabled Sean to offer reassurance to the management of Bromsgrove Private Clinic that our cleaning service would meet their own CQC requirements. Sean visited the clinic and provided an itemised quote and a detailed cleaning schedule. 

When the quotation was accepted, we were able to offer additional hours to a suitable local operative and after site-specific training and induction, an initial clean was provided. This enabled each area of the clinic to be brought in line with our own high standards and the expected standards of the CQC.

The clinic is set across a large single-story accessible site and consists of a welcoming foyer and reception area, numerous consultation, scan, and treatment rooms, with toilets and an additional staff restroom. The adherence to the cleaning schedule ensures that our operative has completed each area and this provides an audit record for the CQC. The vetting process at the commencement of our operative’s employment and their experience with Cleaning Technique ensures that the client is reassured and can trust our operative in having a key holding position.

All cleaning products are provided and used in accordance with COSHH and colour coding guidance. Our management team has quality meetings with the client to ensure that the service is meeting our high standards and we respond to any feedback given.

The Result

Our company’s knowledge and experience in providing CQC standard cleaning and medical facility cleaning ensure that staff and visitors that attend Bromsgrove Private Clinic are welcomed to a clean clinic each day. All reviews on their website give 5* for cleanliness. We welcome this review from the clinic manager.

“We have been using Cleaning Technique Ltd for a number of years and have always found them very professional and keep to a very high standard.”

Debbie Davis, Droitwich Knee Clinic.