Case Study – Office Cleaning  Hyperdrive /Certas Energy

At Cleaning Technique, we are proud to have long partnerships with businesses delivering a reliable office cleaning service that meets the individual client’s business needs. This enables them to have confidence that all staff and visitors entering their premises are welcomed by a clean and hygienic environment. 

The Clients Brief

Hyperdrive office building, where Cleaning Technique provides office cleaning

Hyperdrive is a leading producer of high-quality lubricants and distributing them to a wide range of sectors, Their partnership with Certas Energy in 2021, has enabled them to improve and widen their capacity and supply infrastructure. Cleaning Technique has partnered with Hyperdrive for over 15 years and supported the changes and expansion in their business by adapting our service to their changing requirements. Their office adjoins their recently expanded lubricant tank storage facility in Redditch, Worcestershire. Cleaning Technique provides an office cleaning service three times per week to their double-storey office.

How CT Helped

Sean has a close working relationship with their management, and in discussion with them, the detailed cleaning schedule has been adapted over our partnership to ensure the building is always cleaned to a high standard. 

The ground floor has a reception and staff canteen, on the upper floor there are a number of differing office spaces. with an additional showroom. Each floor has washroom facilities, with the kitchen on the upper floor. The lower and upper floors are connected with two staircases and walkways. Our current cleaning operative Janet has been working for us with Hyperdrive for over 5 years she is reliable and adheres to all health and safety guidance set out in our training.  All cleaning products are provided and used in accordance with COSSH and colour coding guidance. Janet is trusted by both ourselves and the client, her work is reviewed and our management team respond to any queries from the client to ensure that the service is meeting our high standards.

The Clients Experience

Hyperdrive’s management has confidence that Cleaning Technique and our operative can provide all their cleaning requirements, enabling their focus to remain on the quality of their product and delivering a high standard of customer service across many sectors.

A testimonial by Mandy of Certas Energy about the excellent service provided by Janet of Cleaning Technique