Office Cleaning Services | EH Smith Head Office

At Cleaning Technique we believe in building a relationship with our clients, we achieve this by communicating well, giving consistency in cleaning schedules and encouraging our cleaning operatives to feel part of their Client’s team. This relationship ensures we can be trusted to provide a cleaning service that leaves our client’s premises looking and feeling clean and welcoming.

Who is EH Smith?

EH Smith is the largest independent building, timber and brick supplier in the UK, with many branches across the Midlands. We have had a working relationship with EH Smith for some years now. Our partnership goes back to early 2020, when, dissatisfied with their current service provider’s responsiveness to their additional requirements to safeguard staff during Covid Pandemic, they contacted us for a quote. They were extremely pleased with the service we provided at their Bromsgrove offices, both during and after the height of the pandemic.

The client’s new problem

In a recent communication with their management, EH Smith voiced their concern over the level of cleaning service by a national provider at their large head office building in Solihull. They decided they wanted to swap contractors and, due to their satisfaction with our work at their Bromsgrove offices, asked Sean to provide a competitive quote.

Sean visited the head office and met with the management in order to discuss requirements. A quotation was provided, along with a detailed specification and schedule of areas. It was clear that there was an element of disorganisation that had led to the contract’s requirements not being fulfilled adequately. There was one operative already working at the building that they wished to keep on.

The property’s requirements

EH Smith’s head office is positioned in a business park on the outskirts of Solihull, ideally located near the Midlands motorway network. The two-storey building is spacious and provides numerous working spaces for the head office staff for EH Smith and a smaller business tenant on the ground floor.

Our operatives would be required to clean all areas on a daily basis and provide a lunch-time touch point cleaning service. The ground floor has several washrooms, canteen, along with a number of offices and meeting rooms. The first floor has an open plan co-working space adjoining the director’s suite and management offices, more washrooms and a small kitchen.

Our solution

cleaning banister at EH Smith

The cleaning schedule requires three operatives each evening and we were pleased to TUPE their one remaining cleaning operative over to a new contract with us, not only continuing much-needed work for him but fulfilling our legal obligations. We have since interviewed, inducted and site specifically trained two further operatives to join the existing operative.

On the initial clean, Cleaning Technique’s contract manager visited to work alongside the operatives and to organise the cleaning cupboard where all the operatives cleaning supplies are stored and relevant guidance for Health & Safety including COSHH and colour coding posters are kept. An organised cupboard is the foundation of an excellent clean.

The operatives’ work will be regularly reviewed as the contract is fulfilled.

The Result

We are proud to be providing a cleaning service at EH Smith’s head office and to continue our good relationship with the management there. They know that we have a sound knowledge of their expectations and can be assured that we will continue to provide a thorough cleaning service in this different location. The feedback so far has been really positive.

“Following the success of Cleaning Technique cleaning one of our commercial offices that we rent out to other users in Bromsgrove, we have recently asked them to take on the cleaning our head office building in Shirley, Solihull which also has one of our tenants in. We have been delighted with the standard of cleaning after the previous provider had tailed off. Cleaning Technique came in and gave the whole building a deep clean to get it back up to a great standard and their three staff members have kept up this high standard ever since. They are also very polite, punctual and feel like part of our own team. Thanks Cleaning Technique, 5 out 5!!!

Mark Leinster, Property Manager