Our washroom supplies service: Nagel Langdons

Cleaning Technique offers an additional service of providing washroom and kitchen consumables, alongside a regular cleaning service. From paper products to dust mats, we can free you up to concentrate on your business, whilst ensuring all your additional requirements for your toilets, washrooms and kitchens are taken care of.

The client’s brief

Nagel Langdons Ltd is a UK-wide business, providing a distribution service for multi-temperature food products that operates 24 hours a day. We were approached in 2017 by the Redditch depot to provide a twice daily cleaning service to their factory. With a large workforce inside the factory as well as a frequent turn-over of drivers using the building, their management wanted to ensure their facilities were always well stocked. They were pleased that we were able to provide a quote for their washrooms supplies as well.

How Cleaning Technique helped

man in yellow visibility vest hands toilet roll supplies into the back of Cleaning Technique's van.
Washroom supplies are delivered at least twice a month.

Details of the depot’s requirements were discussed with the management and a quote prepared accordingly. With several toilet and shower areas provided for their staff, toilet tissue and soap dispensers need filling each time our cleaning operatives attend the site. Due to the large volume of washroom supplies this client needed, our already competitive prices were able to be reduced further.

Alongside this, Nagel Langdons required dust mats by their doors, these are provided and changed at regular intervals by our team. The washroom supplies are ordered by our operatives and deliveries are made at least twice a month, ensuring that the depot never runs short of essential washroom supplies. When required, we also deliver liquid detergent and dishwashing tablets for the company’s kitchen areas.

How extensive and flexible our washrooms provision service is can clearly be demonstrated by this contract.

How have we adapted our washroom services during Covid-19?

a large stack of toilet rolls and janitorial supplies outside a house.
Plenty of supplies!

During the last year of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the client switched from hot air driers to paper hand towels in their washrooms due to concerns over the spread of the virus. To support their drivers in maintaining good health and hygiene, they required antiviral disinfectant sprays. We were able to be responsive and delivered hand towels and antiviral sprays quickly.

The client’s experience

Managing a large logistics depot requires operations to run smoothly. The managers are confident in our ability to provide a regular factory cleaning service of the highest standard and additional supplies are replenished with minimal interruption to their business.

The company were thrilled with our services:

We had spent weeks searching online for a reliable cleaning company, having had some bad experiences in the past. I was very happy to find Cleaning Technique! Sean and his team were able to accommodate all services we were looking for. I would highly recommend this company. They are very friendly, professional and have prompt customer service.

Andy O’Neill, Nagel Langdons Ltd

If you are interested in using us to provide your washroom and janitorial supplies, please contact us for more information.