Washroom & Janitorial Supplies

A clean and fully stocked washroom welcomes both staff and visitors and is important to how your office or business premises is perceived.

We stock and supply an extensive range of quality washroom products and cleaning supplies, at competitive rates. Along with a free, efficient and reliable delivery, here at Cleaning Technique we are confident that all your washroom requirements can be met. All of our products are sourced from local manufacturers.

We also offer a free delivery and installation service for soap, hand towel and toilet tissue dispensers.

If your premises requires feminine hygiene bins, nappy bins, clinical waste disposal units or wall mounted air fresheners, these can be provided and regular collection of the waste arranged to suit your individual needs. The necessary waste transfer certification is provided, ensuring your business meets UK waste legislation

A full list of our products can be viewed here and we would be pleased to provide with a sample box to help you decide which products are most suited to your washroom, before you purchase.


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