Office IT equipment running slow?

Is your office IT equipment running slow? Does the keyboard always stick each time you type a specific letter?

This is often attributed to an overload of software on the computer, or the age of the keyboard! Specialist researchers in the cleaning industry have repeatedly reminded us that our keyboards and computers take a high level of ‘abuse’.

In previous posts, we have commented how studies have shown that eating lunch at your desk can affect your keyboard, no doubt the dirt and food contribute to the sticking keys, but their reliability can also decrease rapidly when infused with dust.
It is known that electronic equipment is particularly susceptible to dust, especially those that are primarily stationary. Devices have small output holes, display screens and speaker crevices where dust and other debris can build up. Dust and lint clogs can affect sound and picture quality in the short term and can affect overall functionality, speed of the machine, if particles work their way into the inner parts of the device.

Here at Cleaning Technique we would like to simplify the advice into 3 simple steps for maintaining the function of your office workstation.

Dust clogging a PC

Placement Keep your PC away from direct sunlight, and make sure that it is placed in a well-ventilated area. It is safer to keep your PC off the floor, to minimize foreign matter from entering the computer case.
Power Keep cables neat. Tangled and bunched cables can become a block to effective airflow, so ensure they are organized and not restricting airflow.
Polish You can keep your IT equipment clean, by using a blower brush, or compressed air. Make sure you know where all the ventilation intake and exhaust openings are, ensuring that these are not obstructed by objects, dust, dirt and foreign matter. Accumulated dust and lint can clog heat sinks and fans found inside the personal computer.

At Cleaning Technique as part of our office cleaning schedule we regularly sanitise your telephone handsets and remove microbes from mice. However we have the capability of carrying out IT workstation cleaning, as an optional extra on a periodic basis.
If this is something you’d like to discuss further, please contact us.