Policies and Procedures

Our policies and procedures are not just documents that help us tick boxes. They are crucial to our business operations and help us deliver a great cleaning service to you. 

Before we explain how our policies will help you get a great cleaning service, let’s look at what policies a cleaning company needs. 

What policies and procedures does a cleaning company need?

You can download examples of all our policies below:

First and foremost, your cleaning company needs to have 

Here you’ll find our 12 Point Plan COSHH

In addition, you will need policies that cover:

A cleaning company is required to have the following insurance documents. 

Procedure documents that help us maintain a consistent cleaning service include:

How our policies and procedures help deliver an outstanding cleaning service 

1. Consistency

Our policies ensure you get a consistent cleaning service. They standardise our delivery by outlining the expected practices, techniques, and standards for our cleaning operatives, which is critical for helping us maintain a high-quality service. Whether it’s our commercial upholstery cleaning service or our Worcester office cleaning service, you will get a first-rate finish every time. 

2. Cost-effective

Having clear guidelines on daily activities, use of resources, and management practices, we can keep our business running efficiently, ultimately allowing us to pass savings on to you. 

policies and proceedures

3. Health and Safety

Our staff regularly deal with chemicals, equipment, and environments that can pose health and safety risks. 

We want to remain the safe employer and cleaning company Droitwich, Worcester and the surrounding areas deserve, and part of this entails ensuring the meticulous use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and chemicals, and rigorous adherence to emergency procedures. 

Our policy documents outline the safety protocols needed to ensure a safe workplace for employees and clients. 

4. Compliance

If we’re maintaining compliance with all regulatory requirements, then this assures you that we are not damaging your reputation or business. As one of the most longstanding cleaning companies in Bromsgrove, we want our reputation to be one of supporting other organisations’ operations. 

5. Transparency

Our policies help us remain transparent and accountable. You can be assured your data is safe, that we’re treating our cleaning operatives well and that we are being open and honest with you. 

We are proud of delivering the commercial and office cleaning Bromsgrove and Worcester-based businesses want and our policies help us to maintain our reputation with organisation in and around our local area.


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