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    Located in the heart of England in the Forest of Arden area of the River Blythe, Solihull’s town motto ‘Urbs in Rure’ (the Town in the Country) references the balance between the rural and urban that is still evident today. The Industrial Revolution largely passed Solihull by, although the town is famous for being the home of the Land Rover car factory following the Second World War. As a cleaning company in Solihull, Cleaning Technique continues that tradition of high-quality products and services that made the town great. We have provided cleaning for businesses in this area for over 35 years.

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    Cleaning Services in Solihull

    Cleaning Technique provides a range of high-quality cleaning services for businesses. Our highly trained team of operatives are specially selected from the local area to provide routine cleaning for your business premises. We monitor the progress of our operatives to ensure that you always receive a high-quality service.

    Professional Contract Cleaning

    We will discuss your needs with you and put together a detailed, regular contract cleaning schedule. This can include cleaning kitchens, reception areas, office spaces, bathrooms, corridors and staff rooms. We can sweep and clean floors, wipe tables and desks, and clean touch points and empty bins. We pride ourselves on using the most effective systems for our window and carpet cleaning services.

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    Deep Cleaning Services

    We also have the capability to provide a deep cleaning service to go that little bit further to ensure your business looks clean, professional and welcoming to all who use it. Deep cleaning can include signage and outdoor areas, as well as hard-to-reach areas indoors, such as behind desks and fridges, amongst cables and ceiling light fixtures.

    Washroom and Janitorial Supplies

    Washrooms can be included in our contract cleaning service, to ensure that your washrooms and toilets for staff and public are clean and well-stocked. We can provide washroom and janitorial supplies for your business, ensuring that you never run out of the supplies you need. We stock and supply an extensive range of good-quality washroom products and cleaning supplies and are happy to provide a free sample box to help you decide which products are most suited to your washroom.  

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    Our team are hardworking, reliable and dedicated, and many of our colleagues have worked with us for many years. For more information about the cleaning services we provide, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you. 

    our team at EH Smith

    Office Cleaning Services | EH Smith Head Office

    At Cleaning Technique we believe in building a relationship with our clients, we achieve this by communicating well, giving consistency in cleaning schedules and encouraging our cleaning operatives to feel part of their Client’s team. This relationship ensures we can be trusted to provide a cleaning service that leaves our client’s premises looking and feeling […]

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    Covid 19 Deep Cleaning

    Last year the UK Government released advice to help all businesses to become Covid 19 secure at work. This included information about Covid 19 secure cleaning, which emphasised the vital role that increased cleaning would play in limiting transmission of the disease. A lot of businesses aren’t aware of what is required to meet these […]


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