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    Dudley’s heritage as a centre for industry since the early 18th century has allowed a rich and diverse range of businesses to thrive in this area. As a cleaning company in Dudley, Cleaning Technique has been providing professional cleaning services to companies all over the Midlands for over 35 years. We understand how businesses work, and our range of cleaning services are tailored to each company’s needs to ensure a high-quality clean, consistently, every time.

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    A Cleaning Company Dudley

    The foundation of all our work is our excellent routine cleaning contract service. We select and train operatives from your local area to ensure you can form a close working relationship with your cleaner. Our senior team starts with a detailed consultation, touring your site, and identifying your requirements. After work commences, we ensure your service is kept to the highest standard with our scheduled quality monitoring meetings.

    Window Cleaning and Cleaning Supplies

    Other routine cleaning services include window cleaning services and janitorial and washroom supplies, and the frequency of these services can be adjusted depending on your specific needs. These services can be added to your cleaning contract upon request.

    Our Additional Services

    All buildings occasionally require additional cleaning during times of heavy use or deep cleaning of small areas or assets. As part of your routine cleaning, our team can provide periodic upholstery and carpet cleaning, deep cleaning including cleaning of desk spaces, electronic equipment, communal kitchen appliances, and storage rooms.

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    Some of the companies we have helped in Dudley:

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