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    Here at Cleaning Technique, we have long enjoyed many professional and personal connections with the town of Kidderminster and its surrounding areas. The town’s importance as a centre for business has a long history. It was in 1785 that the first carpet manufacturer opened its doors, and since then the area has been known for the centre of the carpet manufacturing industry in the UK. As a cleaning company in Kidderminster, we have enjoyed strong working partnerships with the businesses in the area.

    Your cleaning company in Kidderminster

    Our aim is to ensure your team get the fresh start they need every day so that they continue to deliver excellent service and products to the people you serve.

    We deliver consistency and quality by visiting your site and making a detailed schedule of your cleaning needs. We match you with a local cleaning operative and then ensure your needs are delivered through our quality monitoring processes.

    Additional cleaning services

    We are pleased to be able to offer additional services as part of our cleaning contracts. Our supplies can provide you with washroom and janitorial supplies on a regular basis, and our mobile operatives can deliver window cleaning services to ensure your property is excellently presented to visitors.

    Carpets and upholstery, which are notorious for collecting spills, grime, and trodden in dirt, can be cleaned at a time that suits your business’s schedule by our carpet cleaning team. We can also provide Our team are well trained in deep cleaning and can support you in the upkeep of tidy outdoor spaces like car parks.

    For more information about all the services we can offer, and to book your consultation with our management team, contact us now. We will be delighted to take your call and look forward to supporting your facility’s needs.

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