5 Benefits of Commercial Office Cleaning

In busy, often large corporate premises, cleaning can prove to be a demanding and difficult task. If you want to create a pleasant, clean and safe working environment, employing a commercial cleaning company can give you immediate results and benefits.

Here’s the top 5 benefits to having a commercial cleaning service

  1. Save Time & Cost

The first reason many business owners avoid using a cleaning contractor is the cost involved. However, were you to organise a rota of cleaning duties for your employees, in addition to their day-to-day responsibilities, is this the best use of their time and the productivity of your team?

It is well documented that a clean office environment aids staff productivity and morale, by putting a cleaning service in place, it ensures high standards are maintained and your team’s focus remains on your business.

  1. An Experienced Team

A professional cleaning company will bring their experience and expertise into your workplace. The cleaning operatives will be vetted, trained and equipped with cleaning tools and products that are best suited to the various areas of your workplace, with their additional knowledge of the latest innovations within the cleaning industry, you will receive an efficient and effective cleaning service.


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  1. Health & Safety

As an employer you have a duty of care for the health and safety of your staff and those in your workplace. Most cleaning involves the use of chemicals and equipment, staff should be appropriately trained and familiar with the risks associated with carrying out cleaning tasks. Risks assessments should be carried out, control measures and safe systems put in place. A commercial cleaning company would have specific knowledge and experience of identifying risk and ensuring safe practice, including working at height, COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations) and PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment).

  1. A Tailored Plan

A professional contract cleaning company will ascertain your requirements and work with you to offer a bespoke detailed cleaning schedule, that will maintain a high standard. They can offer flexibility within or outside of your business hours and be adaptable, for example if extra requirements are needed, to suit your changing business needs, listening to any issues and dealing with them effectively.

  1. Deliver Results

The overall benefit to your business will be your peace of mind that your cleaning requirements are safely taken care of and there will be a noticeable improvement in the workplace environment with a scheduled cleaning routine.

Do not underestimate the difference a dedicated cleaning service can make to your business, by creating a great first impression in welcoming visiting clients and a clean space for your staff to work in.

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We aim to provide a safe, trustworthy and reliable service that is of the highest standard, tailored to your particular business and responding to your changing business needs.