What’s important when cleaning in remote locations?

For the last 3 decades we have often successfully acquired contracts with clients that are positioned in remote locations. From fruit processing plants deep in the Cotswold countryside, to golf clubs found down remote Worcestershire lanes, we have worked in many places off the beaten track. National Trust premises and Wildlife Trusts have also been part of our portfolio over this time. We have learned that each remote location has specific concerns that need to be addressed in order to ensure that their premises are cleaned to a high standard.

There are many reasons why clients change service provider, as tenders involve complex decisions. However, each year we gain and retain work providing a commercial cleaning service to clients that operate in remote locations. We feel that this proves our ability to maintain a high standard of cleaning service, despite the challenge remote locations often present.

The client’s brief

The Forestry Commission’s Wyre Forest team contacted us, wanting their facilities to be clean and inviting to welcome both the public and school groups, whilst allowing them to concentrate on their crucial conservation work. The Forestry Commission is responsible for protecting and promoting the sustainable management of woodlands around England. The woodland  provides a beautiful setting for walking, cycling and riding. The Wyre Forest is a wonderful example of this and has a public educational discovery centre and office space at the site.

How our commercial cleaning company helped this remote location

After a rigorous tender process, including submission of detailed information on our procedures, we won the contract in 2010. The detail of documents produced during the tendering process enabled us to create a tailored cleaning schedule to fit with the exact requirements of the site. It also helped us to identify the issues that really mattered to this client, namely their conservation work.

Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals

One of the biggest concerns for this client was how to maintain their conservation policy whilst ensuring facilities were cleaned to a high standard. Operatives that have been employed at the Forest undergo training in the implementation of the schedule, including the use of eco chemicals, suitable to the eco-friendly environment. Regular quality checks are carried out to ensure the operative adheres strictly to the decided schedule.

Another big issue is the difficulty in accessing this remote location during poor weather. Our business ethos of employing local people for local job opportunities works well in a remote location such as this, as even in inclement weather the operative can attend work and keep the public facilities clean.

This has been of paramount importance during the pandemic as the woodland, like any other open countryside, has seen an upsurge in visitor numbers. This means the toilet facilities are in constant use and our operative does a fantastic job of dealing with the challenges of floors and sinks that are heavy with mud and debris.

The client’s experience

Even with damp British winters, the Client has the confidence that the public facilities undergo thorough cleaning. We were delighted that the members of the local running group gave feedback expressing how clean the facilities are.

If you are interested in finding out how we can help you keep your facilities incredibly clean, please let contact us for a free consultation.