What is the broken windows theory and how can we help?

litter on a rural street
We were disgusted to see the litter that piled up over Lockdown in our local area.

What is the broken windows theory?

The ‘broken windows theory suggests that if a property, either the building or the grounds, is not kept clean and litter-free, this will further encourage littering or vandalism.

The same phenomenon can be seen in areas that are subjected to fly-tipping. We live at the foot of the beautiful Clent Hills and explored many new routes around the area with my teenage lads during Lockdown. However, I don’t think anyone who lives in our semi-rural location could fail to be saddened by the amount of fly-tipping and littering happening along with open spaces, streets, and country lanes.

Litter during the Lockdown

In 2020 Birmingham Council saw littering in parks triple and Bromsgrove reported similar increases in littering. As I travel day-to-day across three different counties, the amount of littering along our streets and beauty spots is alarming. I want my sons to appreciate the countryside of Britain and keep it free from litter.

Whilst we are unable to clear large areas of rubbish, we decided as a family to pledge time this Spring to support Keep Britain Tidy’s “Great British Spring Clean”. This campaign seeks to clear litter from streets parks and beaches.

Our family’s Great British Spring Clean

cleaning technique colleague picking up litter on a rural lane
Our family collecting rubbish as part of the Great British Spring Clean.

Taking full of advantage of the improved weather, my youngest son and I have been clearing litter from the hedgerows and lanes surrounding our village. We love the county of Worcestershire; it is a home for our family and our business.

I believe the simple task of doing this with my son it is demonstrating the importance of caring for our environment. Individuals, working together under a campaign like the “Great British Spring Clean” is a powerful force against the blight of mess, vandalism and antisocial litter in our communities.

Our car park cleaning service

Businesses, too, have a massive part to play in this fight. If you are a business owner, it is important to take into account the need to keep your outdoor space and car park free from litter. Litter on your business property can be a source of contamination, a danger to wildlife, and unsightly to visitors.

As a cleaning business, we want to do all we can to help reduce litter and ensure our environment is kept for future generations. We offer a car park and outdoor grounds cleaning service as an additional service to our routine cleaning contracts.


Our car park cleaning service is part of our contract cleaning service

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What is included in our car park cleaning service?

  1. Sweeping
  2. Litter picking
  3. Emptying smoking bins
  4. Cleaning glazed or polycarbonate smoking shelters
  5. Cleaning glazed or polycarbonate bike shelters

Cleaning Technique is a responsible and trustworthy company that has all relevant waste certificates for anything we dispose of for our clients. We feel it is important to remind our staff to dispose of rubbish in the correct receptacles on each site, especially if there are recycling facilities.

If we can help you with this additional service as part of your routine contract cleaning service, please ask. Let us work together to keep Britain Tidy. Please contact us for more information about this, or any other of our cleaning services.