5 reasons why outsourcing your cleaning services is good for business

With the economy opening up, and businesses looking for ways to become more efficient and safer post-Covid, we are convinced that outsourcing your cleaning services to a professional cleaning company can free up precious time that may allow your business to become more profitable in the long run.

Outsourcing is the practice of using outside companies to take care of non-business-specific procedures. This can mean anything from using an accountant to keep track of finances to hiring a digital marketing company to increase sales. Here are the five reasons why we think using an outside firm for your cleaning services would be good for your business.

1.      It allows you to scale faster

One of the things that is essential for any successful business is the capacity to scale quickly. One of the easiest ways to do this is to outsource processes that are not business specific. Although some may initially baulk at the thought of the additional cost of outsourcing their cleaning services, the time-saving benefits can be substantial. Think about all the things that you will not have to do if you outsource your cleaning:

  • Training
  • Quality control checks
  • Finding cover to fill your cleaner’s annual leave
  • CQC compliance
  • Health & safety compliance
  • Safeguarding compliance
  • Recruitment

Having all this taken care of by a responsible cleaning company frees up your staff’s time, allowing you to increase their production of main operational activities. This in turn increases the quantity of work they can do. Using this extra capacity creatively can help you to scale your business.

2.      It improves staff productivity

It is well documented that burnout can impact staff productivity negatively. But it not just the amount of work that can cause burnout.

Too many areas of responsibility can cause stress and reduce productivity. There is already evidence that too much multitasking costs money. In fact, a study by Bryan College estimated that attempting to multitask costs the global economy $450 billion annually. Having to shift focus between lots of different areas is more tiring than focusing on a few areas for longer.

Outsourcing your cleaning services will free up one area of responsibility for your staff. Although you will still need someone to act as “point” for this area of your facility’s maintenance, not having to worry about issues such as quality control, annual leave cover or HR issues can increase productivity in your staff.

3.      You are benefitting from industry experts

Never has cleaning been so much in the headlines as during the Covid Pandemic of 2020/21! And never have businesses had to focus on cleaning so much as they do now the economy has reopened. If you want peace of mind that your business is as Covid-secure as it possibly can be, then have industry experts handle your in-house cleaning.

Professional cleaning companies have the time and expertise to create tailored cleaning policies that ensure properties are as free from viruses and germs as they possibly can be. This comes from years of experience operating in a multitude of different sectors and building types. This sort of experience and expertise can rarely be duplicated in-house.

4.      It builds your brand

One of the key features of our business model is that we always aim to hire cleaning operatives in your local area. Not only does this ensure that your cleaner can get to your premises whatever the weather, it demonstrates to your local area that you are invested in their lives and their local economy. Using this business policy wisely on social media could support the development of your brand and ultimately support the growth of your business.

5.      It can help you increase profits

At the end of the day, it may sound counterintuitive to say that spending a little more on outsourcing your cleaning can ultimately make you more money. However, just think about the impact of removing the hassle of hiring and managing an in-house cleaner on your staff. Ultimately, if your staff are more focused on main operational activities, you are going to make more money. The impact can be hard to quantify, but substantial. Here are just a few examples we have observed over the years:

If you run a small factory, you need your staff to be focusing on making your products better and quicker, not worrying about who is going to clean the shared kitchen!

Offices that host clients can be sure that they will be presented with a clean, professional environment. First impressions count, and little things like a poorly stocked washroom can leave a sour note regardless of how well a presentation or meeting goes.

Even things like ensuring a clean break room can support efforts to improve staff morale and drive up productivity.

Professional cleaning services for businesses

Our belief is that outsourcing to professional cleaning companies will improve your company’s productivity and ensure that you are adding value to your business’s objectives. It is in our best interests to ensure that you have a consistent, high-quality cleaning service and we always respond as quickly as we can if there are concerns with any area of our operatives’ work. For more information, please contact Cleaning Technique. We look forward to hearing from you.