Get that “fresh start” feeling every morning | 5 areas you may not have added to your office cleaning schedule

There’s nothing quite like a fresh start.

You wake up and yesterday’s minor annoyances are forgotten. Showered and wearing a crisp white shirt, you have had a flash of inspiration over breakfast that you think may help you solve that problem that was plaguing this week’s project.

The office is quiet as you arrive and smells of furniture polish and fresh air. The heat from all of yesterday’s crowded bodies has gone and all the telephones are quiet. You are the first to pop the kettle on and have the privilege of using a clean teaspoon straight from the drawer. All the bins have been emptied and all the surfaces are clean and tidy.

Determined to be the optimist and encouraged by the calm the clean room has evoked, you feel you are able to tackle that “to-do” list with fresh vigour and efficiency.

Office cleaning is good for business.

It is amazing the impact a clean office can have on the psychology of a workforce. Most business owners and office managers would agree that a routine cleaning contract is important for the wellbeing and efficiency of their workplace.

But there are some areas of the office that get overlooked during the busyness of everyday office life. Here are the five areas of your office that you may have forgotten to clean.

1.      Overhead features.

Within any given room, elements such as airflow and gravity can impact the spread of dirt particles and harmful germs. Debris that collects on top of surfaces that are rarely seen can be dislodged and contaminate surfaces below. Light fittings, air vents, door frames, and other features that are over head-height and out of sight can collect lots of dirt. A deep clean during a quiet period can prevent recontamination and create a more sanitary environment for your employees.

2.      Behind the desks.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we were often hired to conduct Covid-19 deep cleans of business premises. During these sessions, we often completely removed items from desks and surfaces. Business owners were often shocked at the filth that had collected amongst the wires and cables behind staff desks.

Not only is this build-up unsightly and unhygienic, but the dirt can also aggravate any respiratory health conditions that your team may have. If it is possible to do so, make sure that desks are moved so that the flooring under the cables can be cleaned too.


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3.      Touchpoints.

We have all learned a lot about how viruses spread over the last two years or so! As the winter approaches and cold and flu season starts, continuing to clean touchpoints within your office each day can stave off clusters of staff illness. It is not just Covid-19 that will affect staff attendance this year. The last few weeks have seen a huge spike in the number and severity of cold viruses. Aiming to have as hygienic an environment as possible for your staff will stave off illness, reduce staff taking time off, and improve productivity in the long run.

4.      Shared appliances.

Although most offices recognise the need for communal kitchen surfaces to be cleaned routinely, some forget about the build-up of germs and dirt within shared appliances such as fridges and microwaves. Limescale can also build up in kettles too.

No one wants slimy vegetable juice at the bottom of their crisper! We certainly recommend and offer periodic cleans of appliances as an additional service to those clients enjoying our regular office cleaning services.

5.      Outside bins

Often, we do not have much control over where and in what state external bins are kept, particularly in shared office blocks. But, if you do have any control over this area, ensure that outside spaces are kept in a suitable state of cleanliness. Not only does this reduce the chance of vermin terrorising your waste, but it improves the impression you are giving to visitors, clients, and customers.

I once had to visit a certain business premises on a frequent basis, and they kept their refuse right next to the front door of the property! The rubbish would spill out onto the carpark, to be trodden in and washed into the gutters where it would collect. Not an attractive welcome or great advert for your business!

When possible, organise a periodic clean-up of carparks and outside spaces, particularly around areas where refuse is collected.

An office cleaning company

A clean office promotes efficiency, improves staff morale, and ensures a hygienic environment for everyone. Help your team feel that “fresh start” feeling every day by tackling the areas that need deep cleaning periodically too. We offer all of the services discussed above as an additional product for clients enjoying our contract cleaning services. For more information about periodic deep cleans and contract cleaning services, contact us now. We are looking forward to hearing from you.