How can giving be good for business?

I have often expressed my views about the need for more kindness in business; I firmly believe the way I treat clients and staff members is of paramount importance. How I do something is as important as the goal I am trying to reach. The ethos and the day-to-day practice of a company’s operation express the values of the Directors and stakeholders of that company.

At this time of year, many social media channels trend with acts of kindness and gifts during the festive season. Rather than seeing giving as a bolt-on during December, we aim to weave giving into our company’s regular activities. Giving does not need to be about monetary donations or material goods, giving is about a heart attitude of thankfulness, generosity, and kindness.

Many will read this and think that giving has no place in a consumerist, capitalist economy. But my argument is that giving makes us better people, which makes us better business owners, which makes for better business. Read on and have a think about how giving could help your business.

Giving honours He who gave to us, first

We believe that this Christmas season celebrates God’s gift to us in Jesus and that our giving at Christmas represents and honours that. Everything we do within our business comes from a desire to serve others as Jesus first served us by saving us. Therefore, we do not think that giving and kindness should just be limited to once a year. That said, we do enjoy the focus on our giving that the Christmas season affords!

Giving makes us face challenges well

This year have loved collecting items for ISO Quality Services Ltd’s Bingo Box Challenge for Worcester Food Bank this Festive season. The festive food items collected will help those that receive them to enjoy Christmas treats, the kind that many of us take for granted each year.

Izzy has also enjoyed revisiting Birmingham City Mission, taking books and toys to be sent to children who otherwise would not receive a gift this Christmas. She enjoyed spending the day wrapping these and other gifts. The Mission will distribute these gifts to families in poverty across the city this Christmas.

No matter what our circumstances in life (even during a difficult two years), our giving has reminded us once again, that we actually have plenty. We are so thankful for all we have – the friends, family, work, and leisure in our lives.

That psychological shift in thinking can massively improve the way you tackle challenges within your business, helping you not stress the small things, and giving you a better perspective when riding the roller coaster of business ownership.

Giving helps your brand awareness

Whilst we partner with charities across Worcestershire and the West Midlands to provide cleaning services for their offices or social care spaces, we believe it is important to give regularly throughout the year to charitable causes within our area.

Throughout the year, we give to two charities on a regular basis. Our first charity is a church that has community outreach activities for the young, old, and everything in between; a place for people to connect and form relationships in an increasingly fractured and divisive world. Our second charity is Worcester Food Bank, and we gift a monthly case of toilet rolls to support the work here.

We also love to hear of businesses we partner with that have staff members undertaking charity events. We have often been pleased to support them. These charities have included Macmillan Cancer Support, Cure Leukaemia, and local hospices such as St Richards Hospice in Worcester.

Simply from a brand awareness perspective, having your company support charities or individuals increases your brand awareness in your local area. It also helps people see how much you care as a company. This adds value to your brand and will improve enquiries when combined with a strong marketing strategy and sales funnel.

Giving comes back to you

We love to support one-off giving each year to causes close to the Director’s hearts. Our staff receives a Christmas card each year that donates to Alzheimer’s Society. This cause is very close to my heart. I walked with my father through years of him suffering Lewy Body Dementia, before his death in 2017. Although Alzheimer’s Society is a national charity, I saw on a local level how the charity enabled dementia cafés and other support groups to function. These provided invaluable help to not only my father but also my mother caring for him. I saw how giving comes back to you – those that support Alzheimer’s Society have blessed my family in ways I cannot describe.

We also love to support Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust events. A small charity doing great work to support families affected by childhood cancer. Their virtual balloon race and Christmas Treecycle, enable us to contribute to their vital ongoing work in a small way.

Giving is tax deductible

On a financial level, charitable giving is tax-deductible. If you have not ever considered this in your business, please follow the links above and check out any of these great charities, you can guarantee it feels great to give, at any time of the year!

Give, as others have given to you.

No matter how little or great your giving is, we encourage you to do this. Visiting charities and seeing their work first-hand is a humbling experience. Small acts of kindness and giving are appreciated so much by the people they impact.

As a business, we firmly believe that supporting and giving boosts our morale and helps us to look beyond our own situations.

For more information about any of our cleaning services, please do not hesitate to call. We wish you and yours a fantastic, enjoyable, Christmas.