Spring Cleaning | A business owner’s guide

Spring has sprung. The Spring flowers and the lengthening of the days remind us that this long winter is nearly over. As the light pours in your office or home windows, highlighting the dust on your computer screen with a clarity that you do not get during December and January, you start to think of that age-old suggestion of Spring cleaning.

Where does Spring cleaning originate?

Spring cleaning is thought to originate from either a Persian New Year ritual or the Jewish practice of cleansing the home for the springtime festival called the Passover. Wherever it began, many countries and nationalities are familiar with having a yearly time to deep clean their home.

This can be seen as important in commercial cleaning too. Businesses are advised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to have clean and tidy spaces to mitigate risks. It is essential to your employees’ health and safety.

But Spring cleaning can feel like a real chore. In today’s fast-paced life, where should a busy person focus their cleaning energies to get the best return on their efforts?

Here are the five areas that may require attention in your business premises once Spring arrives.

1.      Clear the Clutter

In any office or workspace, boxes, equipment, or piles of paper can inevitably accumulate. This can lead to an increased risk of slips, trips, and falls for your employees. It is imperative that high-traffic areas are decluttered to avoid such incidents.

a)      Keep on top of filing

Piles of paper on desks or filing cabinets should be organized and filed, to assist staff in locating documents for efficient working, this also enables thorough cleaning of filing cabinets and desks.

b)      Clean desk policy

We often suggest managers introduce a clean desk policy once a week, to better enable effective cleaning schedules.

c)       Recycling Policy

Another way to minimize build-up is to put signs up to remind people to dispose of items as they go along. So, at the photocopier, for example, provide a paper recycling bin and remind people that if they open a new pack of paper, they need to put the wrapper straight in the recycling bin. Have the exact instructions of what to do written above the photocopier where the user can see it. You will be surprised at how just writing instructions down can help keep the team on track.


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2.      Focus on Fire

In addition to clutter increasing the risk of injuries to your staff, it can also pose a fire risk; large amounts of paper or cardboard near sources of ignition are a particular concern.

a)      Fire Exits

Check fire exits aren’t blocked, and the escape routes are clear of obstructions, like stacked chairs or equipment.

b)      Don’t forget dust

Dust can also be a fire accelerant, so cables under desks should be untangled and dust removed regularly.

c)       Don’t forget crumbs

In the office kitchen, any build-up in the toaster crumb tray should be cleaned frequently and the tops of microwaves not used for storage.

d)      PAT testing

Each year it is advisable to check and replace the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Portable appliances should also undergo recommended Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).

3.      Storage and Stocktaking

Having a yearly look at the storage of equipment and other stock rooms, especially electrical equipment with PAT testing, is helpful for the smooth running of your business.


  1. Storage of any boxes should be at a correct height, to aid good manual handling.
  2. All trolleys to assist in their transportation in good working order.
  3. Any cleaning chemicals or supplies should be stored correctly in line with COSSH guidance in a lockable storage space.

4.      Deep Cleaning inside…

If you do not already do so, invest in a deep clean from your commercial cleaning company.

a)      High level

Springtime is the optimal time to remove high-level cobwebs, that have occurred in the cold winter months and any accumulation of dust.

b)      Low level

During the winter months, the weather also takes its toll on flooring. Debris and dirt have all been taken through your building, so carpets may require professional cleaning, along with any stained upholstery. Hard floors may need a deep clean with a scrubbing and buffing machine and in certain situations a coat of polish or sealant.

These are the kind of jobs that you do not notice you may need over the wintertime, as the buildup of dirt happens so slowly most people end up blind to the impact. When they are completed, you will be amazed at how much better the workplace looks! I guarantee it!

5.      …and outside.

The outside of your business premises is exposed to harsh winter elements. The first area your clients and visitors see is the exterior of your building, it pays to spend time in the Spring, on your external areas.

a)      High level

Windows may need a good clean, including the PVC. Leaf and moss debris from the guttering may have built up and require cleaning.

b)      Low level

Think about the exterior paths, do they need a jet wash?

c)       Gathering places

Perspex smoking, vaping, or cycle shelters may need cleaning.

d)      Signage

Checking exterior lighting and signage is in good repair is important too.

e)      Green spaces

You may even wish to consider the first cut of the grass. or planting some bedding plants to improve the exterior of your building.

 For more information about any of the above, or to book your commercial property’s spring clean, just let us know. We are here to help.