3 reasons why professional upholstery cleaning is good for business… and saves lives!

Is this a good return on investment?

That’s the question that every savvy business owner should ask themselves whenever they pay for a service for their company. Money is tight, and often we want to cut our expenditure on things that do not directly increase revenue. Often, something such as having the office sofa upholstery professionally cleaned is dropped when we have to count the pennies. A quick wipe with a cloth will do, won’t it? We’ll just put the hoover over every now and then and save a bit on the contract cleaning bill. 

But counterintuitively, saving money on this periodic service can actually be bad for business. 


Well, in this article we argue that there are three reasons why an annual or bi-annual (or quarterly) professional upholstery cleaning schedule is good for business and can actually save lives!

1. Strengthens your brand

I bet you did not expect this to be one of the reasons why we think professional upholstery cleaning matters?

As business owners we put lots of effort (and money) into building a brand that will attract new leads. Once won, we want those leads to convert into loyal customers so that we gain repeat business. This is the foundation of a successful business model. 

But, if you work for a company that encourages clients or customers to come to your offices, you need to ensure that your physical premises match the values that you promote in your marketing. 

If a lead is won over with your online marketing, comes into your building and sits on a smelly, grimey sofa whilst they wait for your staff member, all your hard work will be undone instantly. The sofa undermines the quality of your brand; all your hard work is undone. This is particularly true in businesses that encourage customers to sit around for a long period of time, such as coffee shops, co-working spaces and restaurants.

Most likely the customer will still buy from you. But they are not going to enthuse about you to others, they are not going to become brand promoters – which is the real aim of good marketing. 


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2. Extends life of furniture

Secondly, professional upholstery cleaning helps prolong the life of your upholstery, meaning that you get a better return on your investment when buying furniture for your premises. Periodic upholstery cleaning extends the life of fibres as long as possible, meaning you get the maximum amount of use out of each item. 

3. Removes allergens, germs and dust

We have saved the most important reason for last. Professional upholstery cleaning should be done periodically because the industrial standard equipment is highly effective at removing bacteria, dust and allergens from fabrics. Domestic cleaning equipment just does not have the suction to remove these microbes effectively. 

We all know that removing allergens, germs and dust is good for everyone’s health generally. But there are some people where very dusty fabrics can be life threatening.  It is particularly important for asthmatics; those with severe asthma have to be very careful about how much dust they come into contact with. 

People with less severe conditions can also struggle in dusty environments. Accumulation of pollen in fabrics can make the lives of Hayfever sufferers a misery. People with other respiratory illnesses can also have their condition aggravated by dust.

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