Cleaners of the Quarter

Our Cleaners of the Quarter this season are being recognised for their outstanding reliability and teamwork.


Tania has worked for us since 2016. She has been part of a team at one regular job. However, she has mainly been responsible for carrying out cover work for us. Over the years she has helped at numerous different sites in the Worcestershire area. More recently, we were very glad of her help over the summer with the holiday cover.

Tania doesn’t drive, but we’re always happy to provide her with a lift to whichever site she needs to get to. She’s friendly, incredibly reliable and is always ready on time to be picked up, often very early in the morning! Whether working on her own or with others, we always have positive feedback from clients and other staff she works alongside. 

Thanks for everything you do for us, Tania. Enjoy your cups of coffee on Cleaning Technique! 


Val is a relatively new member of our team. She joined us back in January but already takes care of two offices for us in the Redditch and Studley areas. She’s incredibly reliable and never lets us down! Our clients have recently fed back to us how pleased they are with her work. One client is moving to a new office and they are very keen that Val remains their cleaner! 

In addition to her main jobs, Val is always keen to help us and regularly does cover work at other sites. We’ve been especially glad for her help during the busy summer period. 

Thank you Val for all you do for us – we really appreciate it! You thoroughly deserve your award! 

val cleaning of the quarter