How does professional carpet cleaning work?

While hard flooring is relatively easy to keep clean, carpets can be a different matter. They can begin to look grubby quite quickly, especially in high-traffic areas or if they are pale in colour. Staining is very common. Who of us hasn’t accidentally knocked a cup of coffee off a desk, or walked in from the rain without thoroughly wiping our feet? 

If you have ever been tempted to buy a DIY machine from Vax and give it a go yourself rather than invest in professional carpet cleaning, then read on. You might be surprised to learn how much better for your long-term business goals investing in professional carpet cleaning will be.  

Why is professional carpet cleaning important? 

1. A deeper clean

While regular vacuuming will remove loose, surface-level dirt and debris, it cannot remove staining and ground in dirt from carpet fibres.  Professional carpet cleaners can offer a much deeper clean than is possible with any “at-home” solution. This is due not only to the years of experience they bring to the task but also to the simple fact that professional machinery and solvents are just so much more powerful and effective than anything that is available to the consumer at large. 

2. Stay hygienic

Flooring is one of the areas within your place of business that will naturally attract the most dirt and grime. Unlike in many homes, people do not remove their shoes and therefore track in all sorts of outside contaminants; from mud to bacteria and viruses and yes…sometimes even animal excrement. Professional cleaning ensures that carpets are free from a build-up of harmful germs. 

3. Maintain your assets

Spending a little on professional carpet cleaning in the present moment can have a huge impact on the longevity of your assets. Having a professional carpet clean once a year will help them last longer, saving you money in the long run. 

4. Protect your brand

A dirty floor is also one of the first things people are going to notice when entering your premises. In an instant, all that hard work marketing and building your brand – your reputation – can be snuffed away as your clients are met with an unkempt interior. It can mean that you lose a sale, and will definitely affect how easily they recommend you to others. 

This is where professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning can be essential tools when it comes to maintaining the professional look (and sanitation) of your business.  

So, what is the best commercial carpet cleaning solution? How does it actually work? 

What is professional carpet cleaning?

The two most common methods of carpet cleaning are steam cleaning and hot water extraction. Some people use these terms interchangeably but they are actually two different methods. 

While steam cleaning sounds very impressive, it is actually not as effective and has more limitations than hot water extraction. Steam cleaning requires extremely high temperatures. This can be good for killing bacteria and dislodging stains but it can also cause natural fibres to shrink. It is therefore only suitable for synthetic carpets. It also requires the use of quite a lot of detergent and this detergent is not rinsed out of the carpet. This can affect the look and feel of the carpet. 

However, the Hot Water Extraction method is suitable for all types of carpet fibres. It involves a mixture of bespoke cleaning agents,  hot water (but not necessarily boiling) and a powerful machine that can both pump the hot water and cleaning solvents into the deep fibres of your carpets and extract this solution and the dirt from them. 

One of the biggest advantages of hot water extraction is that your carpets are thoroughly rinsed. This not only offers a deeper clean but also helps to get rid of any build-up and gives your carpet a fresher look and feel. It also means that less detergent is required.

We offer commercial carpet cleaning in Birmingham and the surrounding area which does just this. Our specially trained technicians will ensure that you never regret asking the question: “Are there professional carpet cleaners in my area?”

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What’s our process?

So, how does professional carpet cleaning work?

1. Visual inspection and preparation

Firstly, our team will survey the area to be cleaned. They will identify the fibres your carpet is made of as well as the backing and underlay. They will also assess any stains. This will ensure the correct solvents and techniques are used to clean your carpets. 

2. Vacuuming

The carpets will then be vacuumed thoroughly using a professional vacuum. This step is important as it can remove up to 20% more dirt from your carpets than regular maintenance vacuuming alone. Furniture will be moved with the utmost care and no area of the carpet will be neglected.

3. Pre-stain treatment

After this, the next step is pre-stain treatment. Stains are identified and treated depending on the makeup of the stain. This stage can tackle mud, wine, coffee and even blood and oil. High-traffic areas will be treated as well.

Then they will thoroughly pre-spray your carpets with a special conditioning agent that will further loosen dirt and stains. Depending on the severity of the staining, the carpet may also be agitated with a brush to increase the effectiveness and penetration of this solution. This is sometimes called power scrubbing. All of our cleaning agents are environmentally friendly and pet safe. 

4. Extraction

The next step is extraction. Using a specialist machine, the carpet will then be flushed with extremely hot water. Sometimes people refer to this as “shampooing” the carpet. The machine will then powerfully extract the hot water, cleaning solvents and all the accompanying dirt and grime from your carpets leaving them beautifully clean and fresh. 

5. Stain protection

Finally, we offer a bespoke stain protection product which can help to guard your carpet against stains and dirt, leaving them looking cleaner for longer. 

Professional carpet cleaning: best for your business

A more powerful machine, a deeper, more hygienic clean and a better result. Who would not want that for their company’s assets? By investing in your business premises you are ensuring that your staff, customers and clients are seeing your company at its best. This is good for morale, good for productivity and good for business. If you are interested in ensuring the longevity of your company’s carpets, then talk to us and we will be happy to help.