Why cleaning is important at workplace

Did you know that the number of people absent from work due to ill health has hit a record high in the UK?

The BBC has reported on this within the last week.  In fact, a whopping 1.6 million people suffered from work-related illnesses between 2019 and 2020. It’s one of the reasons why cleaning is important.

While many of these absences are not work-related, there has been a sharp rise in those that are, particularly since the onset of the Covid pandemic. The impact on the bottom line for Britain’s employers was more than £16 billion!

The bottom line is…cleaning matters. A lot of contagious illnesses can be controlled through effective cleaning in the workplace.

So, how does cleaning help your business? Here we look at two ways it helps.

1.     From the front line to the bottom line

If your office is dirty, your clients, customers and employees will notice. While it is true that people rarely walk into an office space or other business premises and marvel at its cleanliness, believe me, if it is unclean…it is one of the first things they will notice!

The appearance of your premises will convey that all-important first impression and tell those with whom you wish to do business, a lot about what your business represents.

If you do not care enough to keep your own premises clean and orderly, why would anyone believe you would care to have their best interests at heart if they were to work with you or for you? Why would a customer believe your product is good quality if the standards of cleanliness in your office are not?

Obtaining a good cleaning service in Worcester may just be one of the smartest investments you can make.

2.     Improve the productivity, health and happiness of your employees.

A clean office improves productivity, prevents workplace hazards, and promotes workplace health.

The ONS reports that a staggering 185.6 million working days were lost due to sickness and injury in 2022 alone.

We spend most of our waking hours at work during the week, and most office spaces provide an ideal environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive. People work, eat and share bathroom facilities together in confined spaces, often with limited ventilation.

Unclean offices allow illnesses to spread, meaning staff take more time off work. This affects company productivity.

Dirty, cluttered environments also affect mental health.

Pre-pandemic studies showed not only that cluttered and untidy workplaces proved to be a distraction for employees, but that many workers were concerned with the cleanliness of their workspace.

For example, this study from Work Mind, found that 23% of UK office workers surveyed, had used their own money to buy cleaning equipment for the sole purpose of the office. 32% of respondents in the same survey, stated that due to poor cleanliness, they were using their own personal items to avoid using communal ones.

So, investing in high-quality cleaning is a way of caring for the wellbeing of your team. A healthier team takes less time off work, which in turn ensures they stay as productive as possible. This is good for them and good for your business.


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Beware, not all cleaners in Worcester are the same.

A good Worcester cleaner should alleviate these worries and ensure that your employees and clients have confidence in the cleanliness of your space. That said, data from the same study mentioned above seems to suggest that not all cleaners are good. 28% of telephones, 31% of keyboards and 36% of computer mice are not cleaned at all! These are crucial touchpoints – objects that get touched by people’s hands frequently throughout the day and are often the source of infection.

In addition, if your Worcester cleaning company is not keeping on top of things, it could lead not only to a decrease in staff efficiency and happiness but crucially, it could prove dangerous.

If cardboard boxes or wastepaper build up, this can become a serious fire hazard. The same can be said for other clutter that may impede access to fire escapes.

So, before searching for “cleaners Worcester” on Google, be forearmed about what should be included in a good contract cleaning service. By this, we don’t just mean things like:

  • Vacuuming & mopping
  • Dusting
  • Waste removal
  • Bathroom cleaning

But more importantly, make sure you are getting a consistent, reliable service with dependable staff who will ensure a quality clean every time. A bespoke package that is built around your individual needs is the best way to achieve this. You should have one point of contact for everything, so you can always be assured that someone trusted will be there to assist you.

Cleaning: good for business

Keeping a clean workplace is vital for any business. It not only helps to improve the productivity and health of your employees but also creates a positive image for your brand. By maintaining a clean and tidy environment, you show that you value your employees and their wellbeing. A clean workplace can boost morale and increase happiness among staff, which can lead to better job performance. Therefore, it’s essential that business owners make cleaning a priority at work to promote a healthy and productive working environment. So, start taking steps today towards creating a cleaner workplace environment!