Cleaning companies for offices: 3 things they should get right

What makes a good commercial cleaning company? Most cleaning companies offer a similar breadth of services, so how do you know what to look out for to tell the good ones from the not-so-good? 

When it comes to cleaning companies for offices, there are three critical areas they should prioritise to deliver excellent service and maintain client satisfaction. In this article we delve into those three areas, read on to find out more.

What should be in the 95%?

I once had a boss who was training me to take over a management position. He imparted lots of wisdom and I still use much of it today. However, one thing that really stood out at the time, has proven to be true in every working relationship I have ever had since, and it’s this: 

You will never get 100% from anyone. Nobody will execute every task perfectly, all of the time…it’s just not possible. The goal (he told me) is to always aim for 95%. The 5% that you don’t get, will vary from person to person. But it doesn’t really matter what the 5% is, as long as the other 95%, is devoted to doing their job to the best of their ability. 

Now this might seem like a strange thing to be talking about when we are discussing cleaning companies for offices. But the same thing will be true for your contracted clean office company, as it will be for your own employees. 

The key is to understand what should fall into the 95%. What should a great commercial office look like and crucially, how does that company handle the 5%? We all know that often great customer service is not just about getting everything right the first time, but about ensuring any minor errors are acknowledged and rectified quickly and efficiently. 

When it comes to cleaning companies for offices, there are three critical areas they should prioritise to deliver excellent service and maintain client satisfaction:

1. Consistent and thorough cleaning standards

A clean office not only creates a positive impression on clients and visitors but also contributes to the overall well-being and productivity of employees. That’s why a cleaning company should demonstrate consistency and thoroughness in their cleaning standards. Consistency in cleaning ensures that offices are maintained in a presentable and hygienic condition at all times. 

This consistency should cover all essential areas and tasks, such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, disinfecting high-touch surfaces, emptying rubbish bins, and cleaning washrooms. 

Reputable commercial office cleaners should present you with a cleaning schedule detailing their planned activities. Not only does it ensure that all areas of the office are cleaned regularly, but it also helps in maintaining a professional and presentable work environment. 

One key benefit of having a cleaning schedule in place is that it helps in keeping track of what needs to be done and when. Different areas require different levels of attention, such as frequent traffic areas or toilets that may need more frequent cleaning. By having a schedule in place, commercial office cleaners can ensure that no area is overlooked or neglected.

Moreover, a cleaning schedule enables efficient resource planning for your clean office company. 

By working with you, they can plan exactly when each task will be accomplished and how frequently. This puts you in control of your space and minimises disruption to your staff and business whilst ensuring that all necessary tasks are completed in a timely manner. 

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2. Reliable and punctual service

Office cleaning often takes place either outside of regular business hours or within a strict and agreed timetable to avoid disrupting the workflow. Punctuality is crucial, as employees expect the office to be clean and ready when they arrive in the morning. A reliable cleaning company should consistently show up on time and complete their tasks efficiently. 

We all know that issues arise. Sickness and absence are unfortunately just a part of life (and fall within the 5%). We all need to take time off occasionally at short notice if we are unwell or have a family emergency. However, as we discussed above, it’s not that these situations occasionally crop up that’s the problem, it is how they are managed. 

An integral part of the relationship between you and your commercial office cleaner is excellent communication and mitigation. If any issues arise that prevent them from delivering on time, they should communicate with you and find alternative solutions as quickly as possible. 

Here at Cleaning Technique, we have a large and flexible team who will always pull together to deliver for your business. Because we offer a personal and tailored service, you will always be contacted by someone you know and kept up to date with any issue that may arise and the plan that is in place to resolve it. 

3. Staff who always adhere to the correct procedures 

In the world of commercial cleaning, having well-trained staff who follow the correct procedures at all times is essential for maintaining high standards and delivering exceptional service. One crucial aspect of this is the implementation of a colour coding system. This simple yet effective strategy ensures that cleaning tools and equipment used in different areas are not cross-contaminated, preventing the spread of bacteria and reducing health risks.

Colour coding serves as a visual cue for staff members to identify which products, tools or cloths should be used in specific areas. For example, using green for general food preparation areas and red for high-risk washroom surfaces helps prevent potential hazards such as cross-contamination from bathroom surfaces to raw food. It also ensures that each area receives dedicated attention using appropriate cleaning materials, improving overall hygiene standards.

Beyond promoting cleanliness and reducing health risks, colour coding can streamline operations within a commercial cleaning company. By assigning specific colours to different departments or designated areas within an office building, it becomes easier for cleaners to quickly identify their allocated tasks without confusion or time wasted searching for the correct tools. This level of organisation not only enhances efficiency but also improves client satisfaction by ensuring consistency in quality across all aspects of the cleaning process.

At Cleaning Technique, we meet the standards set out by the CQC. We use detailed reporting systems which help us to check and control the level of hygiene we are providing. Our goal is to maintain a clean environment that effectively controls the spread of infection and all of our experienced staff are fully trained across all of our products, equipment and policies & procedures

3 things your company should get right

A cleaning company to be trusted is one that ensures consistency by using a detailed cleaning schedule, having strategies in place to ensure staff absences are covered and training their staff to adhere to procedures that ensure areas achieve the right level of hygiene. A quality cleaning service is not just about ensuring a staff member turns up on time or does the right number of hours, it’s about the procedures that go behind the service that are designed to ensure you get a high-quality service all of the time that turns a good cleaning company into an outstanding one. 

Why not get in touch today to arrange a quote for your commercial office clean. We guarantee bespoke and personal service and will always strive to meet the highest standards at all times. We are always available to deal with the unexpected so that you don’t have to. Peace of mind is built in with Cleaning Technique.