Post Refurbishment Car Showroom Cleaning | Startin KIA Warwick

Every premise is unique. Even though companies with multiple locations ensure that branding and design are consistent so that customers are confident that they’re getting the same great service, it’s inevitable that none of their buildings will be carbon copies. That’s why bespoke car showroom cleaning contracts, constructed according to the site-specific requirements are so important. 

This was the situation that our latest client found themselves in. Even though we provide car showroom cleaning for many of their showrooms, their newly acquired showroom in Leamington was laid out differently and required a deep clean following its refurbishment. 

The client’s problem

We are proud of our long-standing partnership for over 10 years with Startin Group in the Worcestershire Region, providing a high standard of car showroom cleaning.

The management at Startin in Worcestershire approached Cleaning Technique for a quote for a newly acquired showroom in the Warwickshire town of Leamington, they required a deep clean following the refurbishment of the premises and ongoing 6-day per week cleaning.

Areas to be cleaned alongside the showroom, are the canteen and several washrooms, numerous offices, with separate offices, washroom facilities and kitchen for the service workshop. This site has high footfall in all areas and requires a robust cleaning regime each evening, Monday to Saturday.

 How Cleaning Technique helped

Sean met with the management at the double-storey showroom in Leamington and quickly gained insight into their specific requirements for the new dealership. Although we were already providing cleaning services within the Startin Group, each dealership has different needs and the quote Sean developed provided reflected how we could meet these different needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Once the quote was accepted a schedule of work was provided and three operatives were interviewed to join our team, once references were obtained, a site-specific induction was given and the operatives  trained, paying close attention to Health and Safety, environmental and security considerations.

The operative’s work is monitored to ensure that the quality of the cleaning provides is of a high standard across the showroom. 

The result

Startin Group aims to showcase their extensive range of KIA models, including the newest hybrid vehicles at its showroom in Warwick. Cleaning Technique partners with them to ensure that the showroom is clean and hygienic, providing the ideal setting to welcome prospective customers. Moving forward this dealership plans to develop and grow into additional space available on-site,  they are assured of Cleaning Technique’s ability to expand the cleaning team and cleaning service for these areas.