Cleaning services Evesham | Qutec

One of the main benefits of outsourcing your cleaning services to a professional cleaning company can be the time and mental capacity freed up to focus on activities that will grow your own business. Trying to arrange cleaning schedules internally can be a time-consuming affair, particularly if your site is complex or has strict health and safety requirements. And this can impact how much scope your staff have to deal with company-specific business. 

It was to save time that Qutec approached us, asking us to provide professional cleaning services for their site in Pershore in 2019. 

Who is Qutec?

Qutec is a manufacturer of metal fabrication and pressings, located in the rural market town of Pershore on the banks of the River Avon, 6 miles from Evesham.

The site consists of the main factory building and a smaller unit. This building has a reception, several offices, washrooms, canteen and kitchenette. The smaller unit required the washrooms and a kitchen to be cleaned.

Their Problem

They had a need for a company to fulfil their specific requirements. The high footfall in the factory area frequently results in debris being carried through to the office, meaning cleaning needed to be more frequent in this area. Whereas, although the factory office area is sizable, it only requires a weekly clean. 

Sean met with the Director and submitted a quote for both the main factory areas and the smaller office unit used by the administrative team. This was accepted and a schedule of cleaning was provided. 

Our Solution

As with every new contract, Cleaning Technique provides an initial deep clean. This particular site required a team of operatives to raise the cleanliness to an acceptable standard. 

Once the initial deep clean was completed, we recruited an operative called Lynn from the local area. Lynn then worked alongside an experienced team member onsite. Her training allowed her to see how we wanted different items cleaned and the standard that we expected. 

Particular attention was given to the health and safety requirements she needed to follow when passing through the factory area. 

The Result

Outsourcing its cleaning services has allowed Qutec to concentrate on expanding its business. We helped them maintain their production throughout the Pandemic.