Emergency carpet cleaning

As a professional cleaner, it’s not often that we’re compared to superheroes. But when a local Retirement Village suffered not one, but two awful carpet stains ahead of a VIP’s planned visit, our team donned our cape and tights and were quick to provide emergency carpet cleaning.

Who is Churchhill Retirement Living?

Churchill Retirement Living is a highly successful and award-winning company, that delivers high-quality independent living retirement developments across the UK. They have several regional headquarters around the country and Cleaning Technique have partnered with Churchill’s West Midlands Regional office, providing cleaning services since 2020.

Problem 1

Churchill takes pride in their office environment and has daily office cleaning throughout the working week, provided by our operative Tracey, so we have a long-standing relationship with the team.

However, on this occasion, they contacted our office with an issue of sudden spillages on two separate occasions within the same month. What made the problem time-sensitive was the upcoming visit of a local VIP. The team at Churchill Retirement Living wanted to make sure that their office premises were presented at their best for the visit.

They needed our emergency carpet cleaning service, fast.

Our solution: emergency carpet cleaning

The first spillage was of red wine.

Our expert cleaning team advised them to apply white wine over the spillage to dilute the stain and the trained carpet cleaning team visited the premises within a short time frame and cleaned the area.

The method used for our carpet cleaning service is the hot water extraction method, this is the best method for cleaning and removing stains.

The area to be cleaned is firstly vacuumed to remove visible debris and dust, any stubborn stains are individually cleaned by hand, then treated with carpet cleaning solution, followed by thorough cleaning with hot water. The water is then extracted, lifting any unseen debris and dirt.

Problem 2

The team contacted us 24 hours later with another unfortunate spillage, this time of coffee. Our team again attended the office and cleaned the carpet where the stain was present, along with an additional area requiring a refresh ahead of a VIP visit.

Solution 2

Our team again attended the office and cleaned the carpet where the stain was present. We also cleaned an additional area that required a refresh ahead of the VIP’s upcoming visit.

The Result

Emma from Churchill was pleased to have the spillage staining removed and carpets refreshed in time for visitors, our ability to be responsive ensured the stains were lifted as soon as possible They are reassured that should the need arise in the future Cleaning Technique provide additional services promptly.

“ We have used Cleaning Technique for 4 years now. Sean and his team provide a professional service. Very reliable, trustworthy and our cleaner Tracey is excellent.”

Emma Denslow

Churchill Retirement Living