Floor Cleaning Services in Bromsgrove

Your premises should reflect the high standards that your brand values. This is why we believe that cleaning is a vital part of your business. A filthy, untidy showroom or dirty foyer completely undermines all the messaging you spend time and effort crafting as part of your marketing campaigns.

Our clients use us because they know we take cleaning seriously. And recently an existing client approached us to expand our existing contract to include deep floor cleaning of their training centre. They understood that the cleanliness of their training facilities reflected their standards and wanted to ensure that nothing undermined their brand.

Who is Mentor?

Mentor is a nationwide workplace transport, materials handling, and safety management training provider. Their training courses are accredited to the standards of leading industry bodies and comply with the latest HSE legislation and best practice.

Their Problem

Cleaning Technique has been pleased to provide cleaning services to Mentor’s training centre located in Bromsgrove since 2021, however our remit only included their offices, washroom and kitchen areas.

Mentor has recently expanded their Bromsgrove training centre and required additional cleaning for their training rooms, where regular forklift training is carried out. As we already had an existing professional relationship with the company, they approached us to help.

Our Solution

As is our procedure, Sean met with Mentor’s management to assess their new requirements and suggested that an initial floor clean would be of benefit to raise the standard of cleanliness before any regular cleaning commenced of the rooms.

After the quote was accepted, a date was secured to undertake the cleaning outside of normal operating hours. Sean introduced his team to the site, utilising the assistance of our existing cleaning operative, who is familiar with the site. Relevant health and safety measures were put in place to carry out this deep floor cleaning.

The floors were initially swept of any debris and then vacuumed to remove smaller dust particles. The floor was then scrubbed using a rotary floor machine with a brush attachment and the water solution was then removed from the floors using a wet vacuum machine. This left the floor dry and clean.

This staged deep cleaning process ensures the floor is readied for routine floor cleaning if the client wishes this to be added to the existing cleaning schedule.

The Results

Mentor were really please with the result, and were delighted to send this note:

We approached Cleaning Technique to become our cleaning provider having been recommended by a couple of local businesses.  Sean attended site to understand our needs and the team including our cleaner Bev have become a welcomed part of our daily lives and we’ve not looked back.  Where needed we can ask them to undertake deep cleaning including our warehouse and they do an amazing job.  If you’re looking for a positive and committed cleaning company, look no further then Cleaning Technique

James Simpson  
Operations Director