Floor cleaning services for Listers

Listers prides itself on being one of the largest family-owned automotive businesses in the UK. Over forty years they have grown their business from the Midlands, across England, now representing 18 car brands over 50 dealerships. Their core values mirror our own of providing consistent service and customer satisfaction. 

The Client’s Brief

Cleaning Technique has been pleased to provide cleaning services to Listers across several dealerships for over two decades. At their Volkswagen car dealership in Worcester, a new floor has recently been installed in their service workshop area. They required an initial cleaning of this floor ahead of a VIP visit and ongoing cleaning of the floor thereafter.

How Cleaning Technique helped

As is our procedure Sean met with dealership management to assess their requirements and suggested that a deep clean of the flooring would bring the floor up to standard to be more easily maintained going forward. After the quote was accepted, a date was secured to undertake the cleaning outside of normal operating hours, to reduce disruption to their busy servicing department. In collaboration with the dealership, all vehicles were removed or elevated from the flooring to allow ease of access for our team. Sean introduced the team to the site, utilising the assistance of our existing cleaning operative, who is familiar with the site. Relevant health and safety measures were put in place to carry out this deep floor clean. 

The floors were initially swept of any visible debris and then vacuumed to remove smaller dust particles. The floor was then scrubbed using a rotary floor machine with a brush attachment and a degreasing detergent, the water solution was then removed from the floors using a wet vacuum machine, leaving the floor clean for final drying. This staged deep cleaning process ensures the floor is readied for routine floor cleaning.

The ongoing cleaning of this floor is scheduled for three times per week, by one of our team already familiar and local to the dealership.

The Client’s Experience

Listers is committed to providing high-standard car servicing and we were pleased to enable their mechanical team to a clean environment, free of debris and dirt to carry this out, this helps achieve health and safety requirements.

We have a long relationship with Cleaning Technique, who are very good. Sean and the team are always attentive and efficient.

Kate Hodgkins Listers