TV Studio Cleaning

We were delighted to receive an enquiry from the production manager of the London based production company, Remarkable TV.

The Client’s Brief

Remarkable is a label within the Production company Endemol Shine UK, which are the leading producer behind many entertainment hits, including dramas and factual programmes aired on British TV and other digital platforms. We had previously worked for their parent production company Endemol Shine UK at RSPCA hospital in Birmingham when they were filming “Give A Pet A Home” in 2015, so already had experience cleaning for the entertainment industry.

1.      The Pandemic was raging

Remarkable TV needed our Covid cleaning service during the filming of a TV series at the Fly by Nite rehearsal studio in Redditch. For the month that they were filming at the studios, they required a cleaning operative on-site each day.

2.      Film schedules are complicated

During filming hours, the operative would be required to clean communal areas to ensure the highest standard to keep everyone as safe as possible. But the nature of film sets means that not all areas can be accessed at all times.

How Cleaning Technique helped

Sean visited the premises and met with the studio caretaker, a quote was submitted and accepted by production management.  Fly by Nite Studio is the largest purpose-built studio in Europe. It comprises a vast rehearsal studio, with a height clearance of 18.5m and across 7 floors. You may recognise the very large prop that formed the centre of Remarkable TV’s show.

The building has 21 en-suite bedrooms, dressing rooms, green rooms, production offices and large catering areas and even its own gym and helipad. Our remit was to ensure the designated communal areas accessed by the production team were constantly cleaned and sanitised throughout the day.

1.      A team of operatives were provided

Because of the severity of the Pandemic at this point, the Production team, quite rightly, wanted to ensure that the site was constantly being sanitised. So, a team of operatives were going to be required. A team of Cleaning Technique operatives, that lived local to this site, were inducted and given site-specific training.

2.      A flexible cleaning schedule

Because the production team had a filming schedule to keep to, a flexible approach was needed in order to maintain the level of cleanliness required to adhere to our Covid-19 policy.

The operatives worked in shifts across the seven days of each week, following the schedule. This included sanitising the foyer, floors, stairs, washrooms, production team kitchen, green rooms, and a number of production offices. A deep clean to required areas was performed on the filming’s ‘dark day’ (the term that designates when the production team do not use the facilities).

3.      Our Covid-19 policy was followed

During this point of the Covid -19 pandemic, July 2021, there were increasing numbers of infections, and the production company were determined to keep their staff safe.

So, our staff maintained social distancing measures, with specific PPE and anti-viral cleaning products were provided and used in accordance with COSSH and colour coding guidance.

4.      The team were discreet

There is a lot of secrecy on a film set. No one wants leaks to spoil the show for viewers. Our operatives loved the buzz of this role and demonstrated that they were discreet, trustworthy, and reliable to all the production team at Remarkable TV.

5.      The team were flexible

The production coordinator was able to contact the management at Cleaning Technique with updates to the filming schedule and the operatives were responsive and flexible in working additional hours where needed.

The Client’s Experience

Providing daily cleaning for Remarkable at the Fly by Nite Studios ensured that the production management could concentrate on their filming schedule, whilst maintaining their care for the guests, stars, and crew. The presence of a Cleaning Technique operative gave them great assurance that everyone was as safe as they could be during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  The Producer was so thankful for our team’s efforts:

“Cleaning Technique are reliable, professional and completely trustworthy. Their staff are friendly, helpful and it has been a pleasure working with them. I would hire them again in a heartbeat. Thanks so much for all your support during our time in Redditch.”

Hannah Dodd
Production Coordinator, Remarkable TV

If you are interested in our studio cleaning service, please contact us for more information. We are able to provide a variety of cleaning services for all types of studios, from photography studios, radio and television. We are looking forward to hearing from you.