Golf Clubhouse Cleaning

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As part of our consultation process we will identify the key areas that need regular cleaning and any areas that require periodic deep cleaning.

Our high quality cleaning service is staffed by people local to your area.

All of our colleagues are thoroughly vetted before employment commences.

Professional golf clubhouse cleaners

We have extensive experience providing golf clubhouse cleaning services in the Midlands, Warwickshire, Bromsgrove and Gloucestershire areas. We understand that your members want a clean, pleasant environment to relax in. We understand that you provide a high end luxury service. So, to reflect that, our cleaning will be detailed and thorough. Find out what other golf clubhouses think about us.

Regular cleaning contracts

Your golf clubhouse premises are in remote areas and require operatives to be on site 365 days per year. We ensure that our high standards are maintained throughout the bar, restaurant, the shop, changing and toilet facilities. High traffic areas are cleaned on a daily basis, as dirt can be tracked in regularly.

Deep cleaning services

We can provide deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery . We also can provide an additional window cleaning service, along with hygiene product removal and washroom product supplies.

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