Golf Clubhouse Cleaning

Cleaning Technique has extensive experience as a golf clubhouse cleaning service in the Midlands, Warwickshire, Bromsgrove and Gloucestershire areas. We provide a high standard of cleaning throughout your facility.

We understand that your members want a clean, pleasant environment to relax in. You provide a high end luxury service, so to reflect that, our cleaning will be detailed and thorough.

Your golf clubhouse premises are in remote areas and require operatives to be on site 365 days per year. We are proud to have been consistently providing this service.

Regular commercial cleaning for your golf clubhouse

As part of our consultation process, we can work out a daily cleaning routine that suits you. We will identify the key areas that need regular cleaning and any areas that require periodic deep cleaning.

We ensure that our high standards are maintained throughout the bar, restaurant, the shop, changing and toilet facilities. High traffic areas are cleaned on a daily basis, as dirt can be tracked in regularly.

The changing and toilet facilities within any clubhouse are in constant use, so we ensure our staff regularly monitor and clean these areas.

We are able to provide additional washroom supplies at competitive prices. These include paper products, hand soap, body wash and female waste disposal facilities. Our cleaning operatives can order these items directly from our warehouse, so that the washroom is well stocked for your members at all times.

Deep cleaning services

If you require periodic carpet and upholstery cleaning, we have a skilled team of commercial carpet cleaners to undertake this. They use a hot water extraction method that ensures deep cleaning of the carpets. This method removes the inevitable dirt, grime and stains that will build up over time in areas that connect with the outside golf course.

If certain areas, such as any floors or the washroom facilities require a deep clean, then we can arrange this to be undertaken outside the opening hours, to minimise any disruption to the club members and staff.

We also can provide an additional window cleaning service.  We use the “Reach and Wash System”, so cleaning glazing at heights or difficult to reach areas is very straight forward.

Ombersley Golf Clubhouse

We have provided a service to several golf clubs across the West Midlands region in recent years. However, we take pride in having a long partnership with Ombersley Golf Club. Please take a look at the video testimonial from their managing director, or read this short testimonal. We feel this highlights our ability and expertise in consistently providing and maintaining a high standard of service to the Golf Club sector.

If you would like to arrange a site visit, to provide you with a no obligation quote, please contact us.


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