Carpet Cleaning Services

Our team of cleaning colleagues have been tackling dirty carpets for 35 years. Our carpet cleaning services operate in Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire and the Midlands. We employ people local in your area to clean the carpets in offices, workshops, showrooms, healthcare providers, letting agents, schools and nurseries, and letting agents.

If you are looking for carpet cleaning for your business premises, we achieve outstanding results using our own specialist team, who are experienced in cleaning many different types of carpet.

Carpet cleaning with the hot water extraction method

We use a hot water extraction method, as research indicates this is the best method of removing dirt and bacteria from your carpet.

Our team carries this out in four simple steps;

Firstly, an inspection of the carpet will be carried out to discern major stains, high traffic areas and sectors where dirt has accumulated. Then, our team apply an emulsifier or detergent. Next, the carpet will be rinsed with water, and finally the water, along with the dirt, is extracted.

Within 1-2 hours, in a well-ventilated space, the carpet will be dry again and ready for use. With this quick drying time, carpets can be cleaned at any time, both within normal working hours or outside working hours, during the week or at the weekend, to suit your specific requirements.

Upholstery cleaning services

We also carry out upholstery cleaning. For this we use the same method of hot water extraction, but with specific upholstery cleaning tools. We aim to remove every stain, although to avoid damaging your furniture, some exceedingly stubborn stains may remain to an extent.

There is an optional extra service of having a stain guard, using a ScotchGard™ application, to protect your carpets; this is particularly recommended for extending the life of your carpets in any high traffic areas such as corridors.

Which sectors do we work in?

We have provided carpet cleaning as an additional service for many years across all the sectors we partner with in business. Our aim is to ensure their clients are welcomed into their business premises and notice a clean environment, which includes carpets that are stain and odour free.

Cleaning Technique Ltd is pleased to assist our clients in the education, health and social care sectors, where regular carpet cleaning is seen as a priority. This is often acknowledged as important in clinical areas. In our experience it is also a top priority in schools, nurseries, care homes and sheltered accommodation, where spillages are a daily occurrence. Hot water extraction is also an effective method of removing allergens from the carpet, as the water flushes the fibres within the carpet pile, before being extracted.

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In our experience, clients are always very pleased with the excellent results we are able to deliver with this method of carpet cleaning. In most instances we find deep stains, along with surface dirt and grime are lifted from the carpet, leaving a fresher, improved appearance.

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