Why deep cleaning is important for every office

You might think having your office on a regular cleaning schedule is enough. You don’t really think about why deep cleaning is important for your office. After all, everything always looks clean and in high traffic, communal areas are always wiped down. You may feel that your ordinary cleaning service in Worcester is very good.

However, what about the places that are not included as part of a standard cleaning service? Places such as air vents, high shelves, and behind cupboards?

These forgotten places accumulate dirt at a phenomenal rate and left unchecked can harbour germs.

Commercial deep cleaners might be starting to sound good, right?

Here we look at why deep cleaning is important for every office.

Why is commercial deep cleaning important?

As office cleaners in Worcester ourselves, we believe that regular cleaning, tailored to your premises needs, should be one of the foundations of your office wellbeing plan. A good quality cleaning service will reduce the number of deep cleans that are required.

But even the most rigorous of routine cleans, can’t eliminate the need for commercial deep cleaning services altogether.

When you deep clean, you remove built-up dust and germs that you don’t see daily such as areas that are hard to reach, obscure or often forgotten.

Deep cleaning can also get rid of mystery odours in kitchen fridges or trapped in carpet, upholstery, or bathroom drains. Getting rid of odours improves both customer and employee satisfaction.


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What does commercial deep cleaning involve?

A good deep clean commercial service involves anything that falls outside of your regular daily, weekly or monthly cleaning plan and might involve specialised equipment, trained experts and considerable time and effort.

Deep cleaning in office settings can include (but is not limited to):

  • Cleaning air vents
  • Cleaning of electronic equipment, such as keyboards and screens
  • Cleaning high shelves
  • Cleaning behind cupboards (moving cupboards in order to ensure everything is clean underneath)
  • Cleaning out communal fridges, microwaves and kitchen cupboards
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Skirting boards
  • Cleaning blinds, windowsills and ledges
Cleaner cleaning a picture in an office behind a desk. Why is deep cleaning important?

When should you consider a deep clean for your office?

1.     Moving premises

If you are moving into or vacating an office space, you will require a deep clean of the whole premises to bring everything up to standard and ready for your regular cleaning schedule to commence or to ensure you receive deposits back.

2.     Periodically

If you are long-term residents or tenants in your building, your office will require periodic deep cleans to ensure the environment is hygienic for your staff.

How often does an office need a commercial deep clean?

This can vary greatly depending on things like:

  • How big the space is and what facilities it has
  • How many people are using the space
  • What the space is being used for
  • Whether your business customer facing or not
  • How much equipment do you have
  • How thorough your regular Worcester cleaning company has been up to this point

As there are so many variables, it is best to get a quote for a bespoke cleaning service. Settling for a set fee service might mean that certain areas are overlooked or ignored. This could lead to you paying more for regular cleaning in the long run.

Things to consider

Every office large or small, will require deep cleaning services on some level at some point. The key is to ensure that the service you need is the service you get. Make sure that your usual cleaners in Worcester are providing you with the best possible, bespoke service to ensure your commercial deep cleaning requirements will always be minimal and cost-effective. A tailored commercial deep clean quote is essential to be certain you are receiving the right level of service for your business.