Industrial Sector Cleaning

The Client’s Brief

outside view of Tamlite Lighting factory with a car in the carpark
The Tamlite Lighting site in Redditch.

Tamlite Lighting is proud of its British roots and is one of the largest privately owned lighting manufacturers in the UK. They approached Cleaning Technique in the Spring of 2004 to provide a quote for our industrial factory cleaning service at their Redditch site.

Their site has several units across 15,000 square meters. These units are a mixture of industrial factory buildings, storage spaces, offices and showroom areas. The site needed a daily cleaning service and team of committed cleaning operatives to provide a high-quality cleaning service.

How Cleaning Technique helped

A walk round with the Managing Director of Tamlite Lighting provided Sean with knowledge of the expansive site, an idea about what services were required and an understanding of Tamlite’s ethos. The company’s ethos is very much like our own, that of wanting to deliver an excellent service that gives great value to the customer.

Routine cleaning for factories

a cleaner mops the floor inside a lighting factory
Our cleaning operative providing routine cleaning services inside one of the factory buildings.

A competitive quote was submitted and accepted. A detailed cleaning schedule, along with checklists were provided for the team of cleaning operatives. Cleaning Technique prioritise local work for local people, and we were able to employ four operatives from the Redditch area.

After the induction process of references and security checks, training and supervision, the new operatives were able to clean their own areas out of operational hours. Regular quality meetings and factory walks were initiated; these continue with the management of Tamlite Lighting.

There have been a few changes in the site, and we have had to make adjustments to the number of hours provided, but a quality service that is reliable and trustworthy is always provided.

Other industry sector cleaning services.

On occasion, Tamlite asks us to provide deep cleaning and carpet cleaning. We also provide window cleaning services and regular deliveries of washroom supplies.

The client’s experience

Tamlite are committed to providing quality and excellence in their products and service, they therefore rightly expect this of their own suppliers and service providers. Cleaning Technique enables them to provide clean and hygienic facilities for their staff and visitors.

“Our company has 15,000 sq. m in different units across a site in Redditch and have used Cleaning Technique Ltd of Bromsgrove [Mr. Sean McGrath] for very many years now. They have retained our business by being competitive, effective, reliable, and operating with a high degree of integrity, as you must demand from an out-of-hours cleaning contractor. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any company requiring a high-quality service such as Sean ensures his team can offer.”

John R. Allden, Director and General Manager Tamlite Lighting