Specialist cleaning services that help your organisation thrive

Outsourcing your cleaning is costly, right? Best to keep things in-house so that you can make sure you’re not overspending?


Outsourcing your cleaning to a company like ours means that your organisation can thrive as it should.  

What is more, we do cleaning well, because we tailor all of our services to each client. 

In this blog, we look at some of our specialist cleaning services, and how they help your business grow. 

What are specialist cleaning services?

Specialist cleaning services are those cleaning services that go beyond the standard cleaning tasks performed by regular cleaners (such as vacuuming, removing rubbish or cleaning surfaces, for example). They are services that focus on deep cleaning and tackling challenging or hazardous environments. 

At Cleaning Technique, we provide some specialised cleaning services. They include:

All of our cleaning schedules, whether they involve our standard contract cleaning service or any of our specialised cleaning services, are built specifically for each client that we work with. 

The benefits of our specialist cleaning services

Let’s look at the benefits of our services: 

1. You maintain industry compliance 

Firstly, our specialist cleaners undergo extensive training to handle unique challenges and adhere to industry-specific regulations, such as CQC regulations if required. 

CQC standard cleaning refers to the guidelines and principles set by the Care Quality Commission in the UK for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in healthcare facilities. These standards are crucial in ensuring that these environments are safe for both patients and staff, as well as minimising the risk of infections.

One aspect that sets CQC standard cleaning apart is its focus on thoroughness. This means that not only surface areas but hard-to-reach corners, crevices, and equipment are also diligently cleaned. The aim is to leave no room for harmful germs or bacteria to thrive. 

In settings requiring CQC standard cleaning, our cleaners are trained to adhere to those standards. They receive thorough training and work to complement any equipment cleaning work undertaken by your staff. 

Our CQC standard cleaning ensures that those operating within the healthcare or social care settings are adhering to industry best practices. This gives you peace of mind and helps your organisation thrive. 

2. You save money

We tailor our specialist cleaning services to your business’s unique needs. Whether it’s deep cleaning carpets in a school or maintaining the cleanliness of an office, our services are customised to meet your requirements. We do not approach each client with a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we personalise and tailor every cleaning schedule that we develop. 

Because our approach is so bespoke, we are able to save you time and money. Rather than pay for more than you need (as can sometimes be the case when cleaning companies offer pre-developed packages or charge by the square footage of a building), our approach ensures that you only pay for what you require. 

Also, by outsourcing specialised cleaning tasks, you won’t need to invest in training and specialised cleaning equipment, such as carpet cleaners, yourself. 

3. Health and wellbeing 

Obviously, everyone knows that a clean and hygienic workspace promotes the health and wellbeing of your employees and customers. 

But this can also lead to surprising business benefits. 

Employees are less likely to transfer viruses when touchpoints are cleaned regularly, and this can lead to reduced sick days and improved overall productivity for your company. 

So, consider at least an annual deep clean of your office. We tend to recommend a business premises is deep cleaned once a quarter for optimal results. 

4. Enhanced reputation 

A clean building is also great for building your brand. Customers are more likely to return to a spotless office or recommend your services if they are impressed with the cleanliness. 

Would you return to a shop or premises that had filthy carpets? Or where you had to sit on dirty chairs? I wouldn’t. I certainly would not recommend the company in question to a friend or colleague either. 

Getting a proper, quality clean-up of your carpets and upholstery positively impacts your business’s reputation. 

Specialist cleaning services 

Specialist cleaning services and specialist cleaners play a pivotal role in maintaining a safe, healthy, and thriving environment. 

Our expertise, tailored solutions and commitment to industry-specific standards can significantly contribute to your organisation’s growth and success. 

So, don’t overlook the importance of specialised cleaning services – they’re not just about cleaning; they’re about helping your workplace flourish.