Golf Clubhouse Cleaning

Ombersley Golf Club is a family-run parkland course, set in a beautiful rural location in Worcestershire. Due to the golf course design and maintenance, along with natural free-draining soil, it is suitable for all weathers and is open year-round. We have had a long relationship with Ombersley Golf Club, providing golf clubhouse cleaning for many years.

The Client’s Brief

1.      A growing site

The Dowty family used their farming land to build and design the course in 1990. By the next decade, they had a flourishing business and extended their golf clubhouse. As they quickly scaled their business, it soon became apparent that they needed to outsource their cleaning requirements. This would allow them to focus on the growth and maintenance of their own business. Cleaning Technique, as a local family-run business, was approached to quote for a daily cleaning service.

2.      High traffic

The clubhouse visitor space consists of 4 restaurants, lounge, and bar areas, a golf shop, changing rooms, and connecting corridors and walkways, and stairs. These areas all require robust cleaning due to the high traffic and debris brought in from the golf course.

3.      High standards

The clubhouse seeks to deliver a luxury experience for its patrons. To ensure this, the facilities have to be maintained to a very high standard.

How Cleaning Technique delivered

Once our quote had been accepted, a cleaning schedule was put in place. Interviews were conducted, references and checks undertaken, and a suitable operative employed. This operative was then inducted to the site and given training for delivering a high-quality cleaning service, that adheres to health and safety requirements.

1.      A robust cleaning schedule

Our cleaning operative follows a rigorous cleaning schedule, maintaining the cleanliness of the toilets, changing rooms, corridors, lounge, and bar areas.

The operative ensures all internal glazing on doors and in the reception is kept smear-free, whilst our window cleaning team visit each month to deal with internal and external windows. Due to the large volume of visitors, Cleaning Technique also provide washroom supplies that are delivered each month

2.      Periodic upholstery and carpet cleaning

Deep cleans along with carpet and upholstery cleaning are also undertaken periodically to ensure the clubhouse remains a clean and safe space for those using the golf course to relax or dine in. This ensures a luxurious experience for the guests.

The Client’s Experience

The Dowty family has full confidence that a thorough cleaning service is provided each day of the year, with the exception of Christmas Day. Our operative is very much seen as part of the team at Ombersley and is a credit to us, getting to the clubhouse even in the most adverse weather conditions, leaving Rob and his team to focus on running their business and giving their golfers a warm welcome.

We have used Cleaning Technique for 17 years for our Golf Clubhouse Cleaning. We’re very happy that they maintain the high standards we require for cleanliness and service.

Rob Dowty

Director Ombersley Golf Club

If you are interested in finding out more about our carpet cleaning service or how we support golf clubhouses in your area, contact us now for more information. We are looking forward to talking with you.